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By: Instimax  09-12-2011

    Instimax and Microsoft tailored solutions are industry specific.

  • We understand that every business is unique and that differentiation is especially important to success in an increasingly competitive landscape. Whether it is an industry specific solution that requires integration or a competitive strategy that requires a unique but integrated solution, Instimax will deliver.
  • Although technology has continually changed, basic business fundamentals have changed little. Work still needs to get done, problems need solving and profits need to be made or no one gets paid. So, for many organizations, technology has become something that happens to them.
  • What many organizations need now is a proactive plan that weaves their strengths with today's business technology to create real value for their investments and solid profits that will carry them years down the road. To harness real value, companies must work to create an advantage from their technology.
  • Instimax applies and delivers that advantage to our customers through a comprehensive business analysis process married with strategic recommendations, all focused on your return on investment. Our consultants believe in working thru all stakeholders needs, addressing the business related challenges and then effectively prioritize needs in order to better leverage technology. This analysis has helped many of our customers achieve maximum productivity while increasing profits.
  • Strategic assessment of both the short-term needs and the long-term vision is the critical step in the transformation of businesses - where broad, up-front thinking is turned into actionable decisions; where the shape of the new business model emerges; and where choices are made about how to compete.
  • We will:     •     Review your current corporate and IT strategy
    •     Perform Business Process Analysis
    •     Recommend comprehensive, scalable solutions to meet your collective goals
    •     Inventory and analyze your other IT systems to determine the best solution for your current architecture
    •     Identify opportunities for electronic integration with all customer constituents - clients, partners,
    •     Identify opportunities for electronic integration with all customer constituents - clients, partners, vendors
    and the public
  • So, how can companies thrive in an ever-changing marketplace? An innovative company must accurately assess and build upon information coming in from multiple directions in order to effectively exceed expectations and be one-step ahead of customer needs. And by hiring an innovative company who understands how to apply technology smarter.
  • Our services include:

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InstiMax - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence mainly refers to computer-based techniques used in spotting and analyzing business data, such as sales revenue by products and/or departments or associated costs and incomes.BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. Business Intelligence often aims to support better business decision-making. Helps automate the managerial processes.