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By: Impello  09-12-2011
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Our unique Brand Development Process has been developed by the Impello team to help us 'get to know' your brand. At Impello we are strategic thinkers, creative communicators and technical experts, who work with you to develop a compelling, relevant and memorable brand massage. Part of our Brand Development Process is to ensure that we understand the Characteristics of your brand, to develop a Brand Personality based on the core attributes that define your corporate persona, aspirations and values.

Logo development

At the core of any brand is a great logo, the logo is more than just your brand, it's your brand identity. An identity usually starts with a name, which then achieves visual expression in the form of a logo; the two work together to form the core identity. Logo design is both art and science, and is one of the more demanding tasks for a graphic designer. Complex messages, brand concepts, service offerings all need to be distilled down into a simple, iconographic shape with a word or two, with the end result being a unique symbol for such lofty ideas as feelings or ideals.

Marketing Materials

Memorable presentation of your product or service offering requires creative printed leave-behind materials. For everything from technical whitepapers to promotional brochures to tradeshow booth design, the Impello team has the experience, creativity and production expertise to ensure you look great in print.


When it comes to building awareness, a cohesive approach to your advertising is the best way to enhance understanding of your brand. Advertising is that uniquely creative mix of writing and visual design, that works to extend your brand character and encourage potential customers to learn more about what you can do for them.


A specialty of the Impello creative team is the design of unique packaging for various retail products. Boxes, bags and labels all require a specialized set of combined experience with photography, di-cut design and bit of origami. The ability to hold your tounge between your teeth just right while you tape a corner of flimsy paper together using only your pinky and your thumb also doesn't hurt.

Branded Apparel & Promotional Materials

This often overlooked, but immensely popular application of many brands and coprorate ID's provides us with the opportunity to break out our silkscreening and embroidery skills. Combined with some illustration and a serious amount of old-school printing know how, great looking branded apparel is the result.

Keywords: Advertising, brand development

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Impello Integrated Design | Digital

The variety of technical choices available today for web development can be intimidating - Impello provides depth of experience and expertise, so you can be confident that you've selected the right technical platform for the task at hand. If your brand doesn't have a professional presence online today, you might as well not even be playing the game. Existing code-audits (Includes display layer, processing layer, storage layer code.