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By: Impello  09-12-2011

Digital Media Design

The big triple-dub. The Net. Online. social media, new media, web two-point-oh, the blogo-sphere, interactive presentation.. no matter how it's referred to these days everyone knows it's all about going digital. In a relatively short period of time, the world wide web has grown to become the 8000 lb gorilla of the communications world - and this time, it's here to stay. If your brand doesn't have a professional presence online today, you might as well not even be playing the game. Making websites, presentations and anything else that will be displayed onscreen look great is just one part of the job. To be truly effective, the design of your digital media must be a consistent and integrated part of a bigger brand picture - whether that's your website, a corporate presentation or online advertising banners. At Impello, creation of any media starts with a strategy that has it's roots in a brand message. That message guides the creation of the design for the web, presentations and online ads. This leads to appealing & relevant layouts that connect with the audience and enhance the overall presentation of the brand.

Our digital media design expertise can be applied to:

  • Websites
  • Web advertising
  • Speaker presentations
  • Tradeshow media displays
  • Retail kiosks
  • Digital signage & public media

Our areas of expertise in website design include:

  • Creative development & interactive branding
  • CSS / XHTML design & production
  • Flash design & production
  • Content writing & message development

Web Development

Behind every truly great website, is an even better looking technical framework. Over the years, we've heard time and time again from business owners, communications directors & IT directors that their website is a technical monster that is difficult to keep up to date, and challenging to expand to include new functionality. The technical process by which a website comes to be, shouldn't be a mystery to either you, your design suppliers, or your programmer. The variety of technical choices available today for web development can be intimidating - Impello provides depth of experience and expertise, so you can be confident that you've selected the right technical platform for the task at hand. From Content Management Systems to Database formats, to hosting platform technology; Impello works with you to make sure your website is technically sound through a solid, experienced, no-nonsense approach to selecting the right tool for the right task. We help you cut through the layers of clutter & buzzwords and put the technology of the web in language everyday people can understand.

We specialize in Open-Source development, which primarily means PHP & MySQL on the Linux hosting platform. We also have extensive experience working with Microsoft .Net & MsSQL on the Windows hosting platform. Between these two primary platforms is a laundry list of shared technologies - each of which has their place with respect to achieving the end result.

If you're looking for an experienced development partner to advise the best technical path to achieving your goals, Impello provides the following expertise:

  • Existing code-audits (Includes display layer, processing layer, storage layer code)
  • Existing production host platform audit (Includes operating system & database implementation)
  • Technology evaluation & strategic planning
  • Application development planning
  • Database schema development

If you already know the specific technical development services you need, Impello specializes in the following:

  • PHP & MySQL programming
  • JavaScript / AJAX programming
  • Java component integration
  • Linux / Apache configuration
  • Webservices module integration / development

User Interface Design

Our extensive experience in designing for the screen, provides a unique skillset for working with software development companies to create effective user interface designs for software that is deployed separate from the web browser. Either in desktop software or for mobile devices, we utilize our graphic design expertise & technical experience to enhance the overall usability, intuitiveness and presentation for the end application. Our user interface design services have been employed by various software & hardware development companies in the following applications:

  • Desktop software
  • Mobile device applications including smartphones & customized hardware platforms
  • Retail kiosks
  • Custom web apps

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Part of our Brand Development Process is to ensure that we understand the Characteristics of your brand, to develop a Brand Personality based on the core attributes that define your corporate persona, aspirations and values. For everything from technical whitepapers to promotional brochures to tradeshow booth design, the Impello team has the experience, creativity and production expertise to ensure you look great in print.