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By: Ignition Screenworks  09-12-2011
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To cover a vehicle with digitally printed decals or stickers; a fresh new advertising medium that turns a capital expense into a revenue generating sales machine!


Advertising is a touchy subject and some very common questions business owners are concerned about it is how do I know if my advertising dollars are working for me? or How do I know if I’m reaching my targets properly?

Some of the most common ways small businesses advertise are the phonebook, flyers, T.V., radio and billboards. It’s true all of these mediums reach a lot of people but how efficiently is this done? Here is an average guide as to just how far your dollars get you with these types of advertising.

Yellow Pages Ad Television Radio

The average cost of a dollar bill sized ad will run you approximately $800 per month, that’s $9600 per year!

Not only does this ad cost more than double the cost of an average sized wrap, it also places your business on a page with dozens of your competitors.

A 30 second spot alone will cost you significantly more than wrapping one vehicle.

If you’re a local business, television is not an efficient way to reach your local customers because the best channels air nationally. Why spend money advertising to people who will never buy your products?

Plus when a commercial airs, most people's attention is on 'standby' from the program they sat down to watch.

A premium radio commercial will cost you a minimum of $4500 per week.

Because radio commercials can only be heard, no visual impression is made. So for about the same cost as an extensive 'full' wrap that will last years, you get advertising that can only be listened to.

Now let’s give you some info on what a wrap can do for your business or product.

First off, a premium vehicle wrap will still look stunning three years after installation. The average cost of a vehicle wrap would be between $1500 and $5000, which translates to less than $5.00 / day over a three year timeline. This is a one time expense, no extras or monthly fees.

With a wrap you now have a mobile billboard. Park it outside your store or office, a hockey or football arena, a convention centre or anywhere your potential customers may be, it is working 24/7 for you. If your vehicle(s) are outdoors, you are advertising and you are effortlessly generating leads.

A properly designed vehicle wrap tells people you are reputable and shows a new level of professionalism.

Your imagination is the only limit to what we can do. From crystal clear pictures to textures that you need to touch to see if they are real, our graphics department will bring your ideas to life!

Vehicle wraps are easily one of the most cost efficient ways of advertising. Compare our estimate and what it includes to other types of advertising and see for yourself!

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Keywords: Advertising

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