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By: Ico Computer Systems  09-12-2011

  • How can you increase the number of new product introductions?
  • What organizational structure minimizes risk and maximizes productivity?
  • Are your operating rules undermining your service objectives?
  • How can you distribute your personnel to maximize productivity and morale?
  • What allocation of resources meets complex demand patterns?

Improving internal processes can raise customer satisfaction, cut costs, boost morale and improve profitability.  Business operations analytics give you the tools to examine how you conduct business…and identify how you can do it better.

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A marketplace is a dynamic, exciting and constantly evolving network. It can also seem fickle, volatile and unpredictable. Icosystem’s marketing analytics technologies explore and forecast the behavior of a simulated marketplace so that you can experiment in a risk-free environment and identify the best strategies for success. Which pricing strategy maximizes your objectives at the lowest cost. What is the most valuable consumer segment.


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The more complex the network, the more varied the players and their relationships. Complex network analysis focuses on identifying which players, be they people or computers or molecules, and which relationships are most influential in driving the system behavior. How do you configure your network (be it servers or power-lines or valves on a ship) to increase the robustness of the physical infrastructure in which you operate.


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Whether you see a potential solution here or seek help with a highly specialized issue, bring us your problem and we will bring you to a new level of informed decision-making. They share common factors plus a degree of complexity and uncertainty that exceed the capabilities of traditional analytical approaches. Icosystem solutions are as diverse as the challenges that inspired them.


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