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unit heaters/

duct furnaces

True performance and

rugged durability

Designed to last longer

and perform better

Separated Combustion Unit

Heaters at a glance:

Ideal for hard-to-heat applications

requiring fresh air for combustion

due to excessive dust, dirt and

humidity or negative pressure

Easy access to components

through a hinged door

Heat capacity ranging from

45,000–300,000 Btuh

Unit Heaters at a glance:

Meets a wide range of residential

and commercial heating applications

Heat capacity ranging from

30,000–400,000 Btuh

Duct Furnaces at a glance:

Specially designed for applications

that require duct systems

Heat capacity ranging from

75,000–300,000 Btuh

Efficiency Rating

Unit heaters—

up to 82% thermal efficiency

Duct furnaces—

up to 80% thermal efficiency


Unit Heaters

15-Year Limited Warranty

on stainless steel heat exchanger

10-Year Limited Warranty

on aluminized heat exchanger

1-Year Limited Warranty

on covered components

Duct Furnaces

5-Year Limited Warranty

on stainless steel heat exchanger

2-Year Limited Warranty

on aluminized heat exchanger

1-Year Limited Warranty

on covered components

See actual warranty certificate for details.

Improve comfort and efficiency with Lennox’ heaters and furnaces


® heating products include durable unit heaters and duct furnaces designed to operate at peak

performance year after year. This reliability is the result of advanced engineering and

high-quality components.

One standard feature of all Lennox unit

heaters and duct furnaces is the tubular heat

exchanger, designed to enhance

performance and reliability. The exchanger’s

curved design provides excellent heat

transfer by completely exposing the heating

surface to the air stream. Rounded surfaces

minimize air resistance and even heating is

allowed across all surfaces, reducing stress on

the heat exchanger.

The many other advanced features include

an in-shot burner assembly that’s simple

to clean and easily within reach, plus safety

valves and switches and efficient direct-spark

ignition. A self-diagnostic board with LED

readout simplifies troubleshooting.

Easy to install

Each unit is shipped completely assembled with factory-wired controls and tested with

complete cycles of start-up and shutdown, as well as acceptable gas and electrical operation

verification for quick and easy unit start-up on the jobsite. The low cabinet profile of the

LF24 and TU models allows installation even in tight spaces and helps where appearance

is a concern. The simple-to-install units feature either mounting brackets or spotnuts and

centrally located connections for gas, line voltage and thermostats.

Most Lennox units are stocked at a

depot near you and available for

quick delivery or pick-up.

More flexibility keeps

everyone more comfortable

Lennox heating products are available

in three unit designs to meet a wide

range of commercial and residential

applications, including unit heaters,

separated combustion unit heaters for

hard-to-heat areas and duct furnaces for

projects that require duct systems.

Several heating capacities are available,

making it easy to keep both small and larger

spaces comfortable. These reliable heaters

and furnaces are available with your choice

of natural gas or propane, and several wall

venting options—horizontal, vertical and

concentric (TU only)—allow the units to

be placed in a number of locations.

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