By: Hotcage  09-12-2011
Keywords: Real Estate, Telecommunications, Telecommunications Industry


HotCage has been created to meet these changing needs of the Telecommunications industry and provides the ability to manage Point-of-Presence (POP) real estate agreements. This new product empowers Telco's to effectively manage the multitude of facility leases and agreements from signing to payment. The result is a much more efficient way to expand and maintain their facilities.

Delivering The Total Solution

An emerging market in Telecommunications is managing information services in office buildings. Telco's are now looking to win building owners and managers as clients and offer services to entire office buildings. The competition for the rights to these buildings will be fierce, as property owners who have little knowledge about how to manage their tenants' access to telecommunications services, get bombarded by Telco's looking to install switches in their basements and fibre in their risers. The ability to manage these leased facilities effectively will be paramount to the Telco's success.

Creating a comprehensive and effective Telecom Property Management System is no small task. Each organization has a different set of facilities with different procedures and policies, and a broad set of tasks in place to manage them. Reaching across the enterprise, the HotCage application will allow you to control and manage in exact detail, all of your agreements.

Keywords: Real Estate, Telecommunications, Telecommunications Industry