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By: Hiltap  09-12-2011
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Now HILTAP offers a full spectrum of products including:

  • Hose replacement U bends
  • Piggable manifolds
  • Pig Launcher Receivers (PLR)
  • Detectors
  • Valves
  • PIGSTOPâ„¢ prevention safety flaps, as well as virtually every conceivable process equipment related to pigging

Pig Launcher Receiver (PLR)

  • Available in 1" through 8" pipe schedule sizes and 1" through 4" sanitary tube
  • PIGSTOP™ accidental expulsion safety flap
  • Multi-Flexor hose free manifolds
  • Hose free transfer connect ability; custom built to meet your specific needs.

Loading and off loading rail & truck arms

HILTAP offers a range of flexible ergonomic arms; please contact us to assist you in the design of your logistics transfer equipment.

Mobile Pig Launcher Receiver (M-PLR)

HT3LB Series

Manifold and Hoseless Manifold

Pig launching, receiving, and maintenance: PRP�s Pig Launcher/Receiver (PLR) designs provide operators with rapid and safe access to pigs. Though most of our pigging systems allow the pig to stay in the system between product transfers, pigs are a wear component and will require routine inspection and periodic replacement

Twister LQC safety access cap: All PLRs where pig maintenance is performed are equipped with the patented LQC (Locking Quick Connect) safety access cap. The LQC access cap connects to the back of the PLR with just a quarter turn and will lock under product transfer and pigging pressure. When the system is not under operating pressure, pigs can be inspected and replaced in less than 1 minute. Should the operator attempt to remove the access cap during operation, the LQC will move to a locking position and remain locked and sealed until system pressure is removed.

Wiper disc relax chamber: Most of our designed systems are bi-directional with the pig being returned to its "home base" PLR after the pigging process is completed. Since pipe cleaning is accomplished by compression of the pig wiper discs against the pipe wall, the wiper discs will bend into a chevron pattern in the direction of travel as the pig moves though the pipe. To assure the pig wiper discs will reorient in the new direction of travel when turned around, Wiper Disc Relax Chambers are provided in the PLRs to allow the wiper discs to slightly decompress. Wiper Disc Relax Chambers increase pig life and allow pigs to easily be inserted/removed from PLRs without "stuffing".

Pigged transfer flow control: Many times process plants will benefit from using common pigged transfer lines to move products between multiple sources and destinations. To accomplish these objectives, PRP has available Piggable Manifolds, 3-Way Piggable Valves, and 2-Pig systems.

Piggable manifolds: In most process plants, products are transferred from many different source locations to many different destinations by cross-connection of hoses. We manufacture piggable hard-piped manifolds that can be used to safely cross connect between multiple sources and destinations for performing simultaneous multiple pigged transfers. Through the use of PRP Piggable Manifolds, the practice of using potentially unsafe and environmentally unfriendly hose connections can be eliminated and the benefits of pigging can be achieved from source to destination.

3-Way piggable valves: Piggable 3-Way Valves can be used to target multiple destinations along a single common transfer line with near zero residual cross-contamination risk. Typical uses are the receipt of bulk raw materials to several storage tanks or the transfer of finished products from a mix tank to several finished product storage tanks.

2-Pig systems: For product transfers targeting multiple destinations along a single common transfer line that tolerate a small level of residual cross-contamination, a low cost 2-Pig System can be used. In a 2-Pig system, one pig is home based at the beginning of the line and the other at the end of the line. Before a transfer starts, the pig at the end of the line is positioned above the target tank and held in position with a Pig Stop mounted to a Low Trap Piggable Tee. The pig acts as an isolation valve and forces the transferred product into the targeted tank. At the end of the transfer, the pig at the beginning of the line is used to push the remaining product from the source to the targeted tank. Both pigs are then returned to their home base at the beginning and end of the line.

Clean-in-place systems: Many sanitary and some industrial pigging applications benefit from the ability to clean or sanitize pigs while inside the system. PRP provides specially designed PLRs for this specific application.

CIP PLRs: CIP PLRs are designed with a wash chamber and pig plunger. The wash chamber provides an open area for the pig to be cleaned by either a flush media being plumped through the line or from a small diameter wash line mounted to the chamber directly above the pig. After pig cleaning, a manual or pneumatic plunger is used to re-insert and seal the pig into the transfer line for pigging.

Pig detection: Pigging is a process sequence that requires the operator to know the location of the pig for proper pigging operations. Pigs can be detected either manually or through automated magnetic pig sensing. PRP provides clients with both automated and manual pig detection systems.

Manual pig detectors: A Manual Pig Detector is a spring loaded plunger attached to a mushroom shaped hand actuator. The operator presses down on the actuator and the plunger shaft depresses into PLR chamber. Pig detection is determined by contact of the plunger shaft with the pig.

Magnetic pig sensors (MPS): The sensor consists of a unique combination of magnetic sensing, signal conditioning circuitry, and processor to provide reliable magnetic pig detection. The MPS will detect pigs in both a stationary and moving position and provides outputs for automated control systems or the triggering of remote lights, horns, or other remote detection signaling devices. Power requirements are either 12 or 24 VDC.

Pigs & materials: PRP can provide pigs suitable for each client�s specific need. Many choices of pig types and materials of construction are available to meet virtually any client pigging application.

Pig materials: PRP is one of just a few pigging system providers that manufactures their own pigs and can provide a wide range of pig material options to meet virtually any client application. PRP is the only North American source for pigs manufactured from rubbers and elastomer such as EPDM, Nitrile, Aflas, Chlorobutyl, and Viton needed for more aggressive chemical applications. For food grade applications, pigs are available manufactured from FDA approved food grade materials. For less aggressive chemical applications, lower cost urethane pigs with additives for chemical resistance and friction lowering properties can be provided.

Magnetic pigs: For magnetic pig detection by the Inline MPS, pigs can be provided with carefully chosen magnets embedded at each end to provide reliable pig detection.

Pig type: The two primary pig types are the SUD and the VIPRS. The SUD is designed with 8 closely spaced wiper discs for maximum cleaning of slightly irregular surfaces common to ASME/API standard pipe. The VIPRS is designed with 4 widely spaced wiper discs and with no right angles for maximum pig CIP cleaning and use in sanitary tube applications.

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