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By: Hiltap  09-12-2011

HILTAP responds to the special needs of chemical manufacturers, transporters and users by designing the next generation of high integrity seals for fluid and gas transfer connections. The HT-3TL series offer triple seal sealing along with low torque ergonomic connectability, to effectively replace flange, cam and groove and hammer unions. Thousands of HT-3TL series are in service, in a wide range of chemical transfer applications, including ammonia chlorine, phosgene, catalysts, metal alkyls, VCM, EDC, TDA, LPG, E.O, P.O., sulphuric acid and others. Our ability to incorporate your suggestions ensures improvements for the next generation of products. With us, your experience counts.

For over a decade, HILTAP's HT-3TL full port series couplings have been used to connect hoses and loading arms to rail cars and truck tankers, as well as for in-plant transfers.
The HT-3TL series full port series couplings are available for 3/4" to 8" nominal pipe/tube sizes in virtually any material of construction.

The TL or Transfer Loading couplings are designed to replace ANSI 150/300 series flanges, hammer unions, and the most current style of cam and groove couplings. Years of extensive on the rack experience and continuous improvement, keeps the TL series a favorite with operators. As end users re-engineer their loading and unloading stations, environmental compliance, high flow rates, increased safety and system integration have become the new minimum requirement. HILTAP's reply is the new HT-3TL DCV series, a unique combination of leading edge features designed with the operator in mind.

  • Rugged easy to use articulating handles
  • Quick engagement - less then 1 turn
  • Virtually no drop in pressure
  • Upgradeable to automatic fail close
  • Primary metal to metal seals with tertiary "O" ring for more product containment even during a fire situation
  • Can be serviced in-situ; no need to remove the transfer arm or hose from the connector
  • Allows SMART connections; the connection registers as a distinct operator initiated connection event with your DCS or PLC

The HT-3TL DCV is available in a wide variety of materials of construction. HILTAP uses commercially available "O" rings to dramatically reduce maintenance costs. Dry breaks for your fleet or individual needs can be customized.

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The RapidLOK connectors are used in applications where safety and speed are essential to connect in high pressure and temperature piping applications. The HILTAP Twister Ball Swivels Joints offer superior sealing especially in enhanced oil recovery and steam assisted gravity drainage piping systems. These products are designed for the unique and challenging services found in heavy oil and oil sands mining and production.


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PRP will come on site, review client objectives and application needs, engineer an application specific pigged transfer solution, manufacture the components, assist with installation and commissioning, and guarantee system performance. We bring our past experience to each new client pigging application and if we find an application we have not seen before, our creative staff of engineers will design a system to meet the application need.


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Since pipe cleaning is accomplished by compression of the pig wiper discs against the pipe wall, the wiper discs will bend into a chevron pattern in the direction of travel as the pig moves though the pipe. Though most of our pigging systems allow the pig to stay in the system between product transfers, pigs are a wear component and will require routine inspection and periodic replacement.


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HILTAP’s origins are in the nuclear industry, where the first application was a dynamic connection to convey cryogenic liquids through hoses into radioactive areas to freeze, then ‘ice-o-late’ via pipe clamping jackets to reactor heat transfer core feeder pipes. HILTAP continues to modify standard products that allow nuclear plant operators and waste storage and treatment custodians to reduce exposure to occupation radiation.


Hiltap Fittings Ltd. :: Products - cryogenics

The very first HILTAP connector was used as a liquid nitrogen transfer coupling replacing a flange, in a 'freeze plug' procedure in a nuclear plant's reactor heat exchange piping. Â space simulation chambers, piping connections, hose connections liquid & gas transfer, quick access closures, etc. HILTAP's latest couplings are used in cryogenic temperature control transportation applications.


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Reducing construction costs, shortening turn around times, improving margins, and tracking accurate life cycle costs are all necessary steps in improving all of our businesses, but eventually new ways of doing things are required, and identifying vendors that can help you achieve these targets is crucial.


Hiltap Fittings Ltd. :: Products - aerospace

HILTAP couplings, quick connects and related fittings have been used on high temperature vacuum forming autoclaves and in the manufacturing of military and commercial aircraft components for over a decade. With ultra-low leak rates, and cryogenic connectors are ideal for LHE, LN2, LH2, Argon, CO2 and other difficult applications. Leading space simulation chamber operators use or cryogenic couplings for liquid nitrogen transfer and evacuation.