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By: Heemskirk Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: Environmental Remediation, Soil Remediation, Soil Testing

Our Agricultural Gypsum product line produced by HCA Mountain Minerals operations in Lethbridge, Alberta and has been used successfully for many years in agricultural soil amendments and environmental remediation applications.Our Powdered Gypsum is 100% NATURAL, processed directly from high purity mined gypsum and NOT a byproduct derived from desulfurization industrial processes or from demolished materials . Powdered Gypsum is an excellent source of calcium and sulfur, both important NUTRIENTS beneficial for agricultural soils, lawns, gardens and orchards. Organic growers and progressive gardeners blend our Powdered Gypsum with manure fertilizers to reduce odor, promote decomposition and retain nitrogen in manure.In general, gypsum is a more efficient source of sulfur when compared to elemental sulfur powder, because in gypsum the sulfur is in a sulfate form (SO4)-2. The sulfate form is more readily absorbed by plants, whereas elemental sulfur is in a form that is not readily available for plant roots, unless it is oxidized in soil to the sulfate form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Powdered Gypsum is 100% natural and safe, however to properly balance soil acidity and ensure good crop results, we recommend soil testing prior to application.

Farmers in western Canada use our Powdered Gypsum as a more efficient calcium source than limestone and dolomite, because gypsum releases calcium easily making it readily available for crops. Calcium is one of the essential plant nutrients that helps develop strong stems, root tips and terminal buds, thereby promoting uptake of all other nutrients, and especially nitrogen.

In addition, gypsum applications release sulfur, a second useful nutrient that promotes healthy green leaves and good growth rates for a variety of crops. In particular, sulfur promotes the growth of legume roots such as garlic and onions.Gypsum soil applications are beneficial for heavy clay or alkaline soils, because gypsum is a slow release source of sulfur that can lower the soil pH without the burning effect of other sulfur sources (magnesium sulfate or elemental sulfur powder). High rainfall acid soil areas from the Pacific Northwest also benefit from gypsum application as calcium washed out by rain is easily replenished from gypsum.Our Powdered Gypsum is 100% natural and safe, however to achieve a balanced soil acidity and ensure good crop results, we recommend soil testing before application.

Our 100% natural product, Powdered Gypsum is an excellent soil conditioner that is used to loosen hard clay soils and reduce soil alkalinity. In turn, a more aerated, crumb-like soil structure reduces the danger of fungus infestation, promoting healthy plant growth. Just a good thorough mixing of gypsum into soil, followed by moderate watering is beneficial for new and established gardens, lawns and orchards.

The damaging effect of road salt on lawn and garden edges that causes brown grass patches and leaves, can be eliminated by applying approximately 30 lbs. of Powdered Gypsum per 100 sq. foot. Our product is an effective treatment that will re-establish the natural soil pH balance after a long, icy winter.Powdered Gypsum applied on soil, releases calcium and sulfur (sulfur in the sulfate form) micronutrients, promoting healthy plants and lawns. In addition, gypsum traps and preserves the natural nitrogen that results from decaying leaves and grass cuttings, thereby promoting the formation of natural nitrate nutrients in soil. Organic growers and progressive gardeners can safely use our Powdered Gypsum to obtain excellent results with less effort.

Powdered Gypsum applied to manure piles accelerates decomposition without heating the piles and traps nitrogen, therefore increasing the effectiveness of manure fertilizer. Powdered Gypsum is also applied as floor dressing in stables, barns and hog houses, to reduce odor and increase the nitrogen fertilizer value of the manure before it reaches the storage pond and piles.

Mountain Minerals offers an enhanced ammonia odor control product that can be used in conjunction with gypsum, these products are 100% natural and recommended for severe manure odor problems. For more information please select: Zeolite Based Products - Odor Control .

In environmental applications, such as site reclamation projects, our Powdered Gypsum is a safe calcium source that can be added as necessary, to reduce sodium contamination from brine spills.

Application rates for gypsum can reach up to 60 tonnes per hectare, depending on the severity of the spill. Our Powdered Gypsum is 100% natural, non-toxic and non-corrosive product that is entirely safe to use near agricultural lands and drinking water wells. By comparison, calcium nitrate, another soil remediation material, can be only applied at relatively small rates because of the danger of well water contamination with excess nitrate.When compared to other soil remediation materials, gypsum is a more effective and safe material for soil remediation because it will react in one step with sodic soil, resulting in calcium soil and sodium sulfate. Whereas other materials, such as sulfur applications or sulfuric acid (plus lime), used in soil reclamation require three reaction steps to obtain a calcium rich soil and involve the use of corrosive compounds.

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