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By: Hebna Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: hdpe

- Installation of tight fitting [HDPE] liners into old or new steel pipelines.  to learn more about pipeline liner sizes and high performance materials [HPM] resin types [PE100+, and PE100] and their respective properties. Installation is assisted with the use of a large truck mounted specialty winch [called a wireline truck or wireline unit], or a portable winch unit [called a skid unit], and a liner compression machine []. to learn more about the HDPE installation process.

- Installation of HDPE slip-liners [loosely fitting HDPE liners installed without compressing the liner] into existing steel pipelines.

- Installation of HDPE tight liner or HDPE slip liner into concrete sewer lines.  

- Repair of HDPE pipeline liners and flanges etc.

- Wireline truck hotshot services [when available].

Keywords: hdpe