By: Hayleyspetsplay  09-12-2011
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When we bring a new puppy into our homes we all realise that the first few months are one of the most important for creating positive bonds between yourself and your new pet.  This creates a happy home and the first way to do this is to ensure your puppy is well toilet trained.. But wait.. you have to go to work for 8 hours a day! And you know it is very unlikely that your new puppy will last any more that 2 or 3 hours without a toilet break. HayleysPetsPlay would be pleased to help you, and ensure your puppy gets out for a toilet break and to stretch their legs.


  • $20 per visit. The structure of the visit depends on the age and vaccination history of your puppy. Generally visits are a toilet break, and a short walk or yard based leg stretch/play. Feeding if requested by owner. Showing your puppy love and affection is always guaranteed. Visit duration is 25 minutes.

Many people may think "why not just put out training pads?" Well, yes many dogs do use them well. However, after using training pads alone can sometimes make it hard to break the need for them. You may find you will always need to leave out a training pad in your home, or there may be an accident.

HayleysPetsPlay suggests it is always better, in the long term, to have your puppy or dog trained to use areas outside of your home as the toilet area. Therefore the use of this puppy visiting service would be perfect for you as the puppy/dog will be able to learn this behaviour even if you are not home to teach them.

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Keywords: puppy