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By: Hatsize  09-12-2011
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Hatsize Product Features

Configuration Tools

What makes Hatsize so easy to implement is that from the start, virtually no changes are required to your existing systems or processes. To use Hatsize, you simply specify how your demo and training computers would typically be set up in a physical environment, and Hatsize configures all of your cloud-enabled demo and training machines for you. If you would prefer to configure your demo or training session yourself, that’s ok too. We’ve got what you need to get started. With Hatsize hosting the service, you do not need to install any hardware or software. Your users simply login to Hatsize through their web browsers when they need to access a demo or training session.

The Hatsize management system:

  • Automatically configures, starts up, shuts down, and cleans up demo and training computers
  • Saves the state (using Hatsize StateSave® technology) of all demo and training computers between sessions, allowing different people to use the same demo and training computers in an alternating schedule
  • Handles both virtual and physical demo and training computers, as well as hardware peripherals
  • Supports a wide variety of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Novell Netware, and BSD Unix
  • Optimizes demo and training resources by balancing the requirements of all users that are accessing at the same time
  • Manages both facilitated and self-paced demo and training events
  • Integrates with complementary systems, such as partner portals and learning management systems through the Hatsize API
  • Includes the Image Management System, which gives product experts the tools to create and update their company’s demo and training lab images

Administration Tools

For further ease of use, we provide the Hatsize portal, a Web-based interface for scheduling and launching cloud-enabled demo and training events. The portal is also a business intelligence engine that keeps track of who accessed which products at what time and for how long – information that is extremely valuable to product, sales, and channel managers.
Administrators can use the Hatsize portal for:

  • Cloud automation session scheduling
  • Cloud session event parameters and set-up options
  • User administration
  • Cloud session image management

Using the Hatsize API, Administrators are able to schedule cloud automated demos or training events from complementary systems, such as partner portals and learning management systems, rather than through the Hatsize portal.

End-user Tools

Your end-users (whether they are SEs, other employees, your clients or your prospects) need useful and intuitive tools to help them work effectively within a cloud-enabled session. Hatsize has focused a great deal of effort to ensure Hatsize systems provide a range of practical end-user tools.

The Hatsize portal provides end-users with:

  • A dashboard of scheduled events and upcoming cloud sessions
  • Image customization and sharing

The Hatsize Applet provides:

  • A single, unified interface for all cloud automation demo and training systems
  • Seamless traversal of almost every brand of firewall and Internet proxy
  • Instantaneous “over the shoulder” viewing and control of any user’s lab computer
  • Chat between users and facilitators
  • Broadcasting of any lab screen to all participants
  • Independent of the Hatsize portal, end-users are able to launch labs from complementary systems (such as partner portals and learning management systems) through the Hatsize single sign-on API.


“We save at least $10 million a year on equipment using virtual labs.”

Ed baker- Ocarle/Sun Microsystems

“Hatsize presence detector improves relationships by verifying the interest level of prospect; Hatsize cloud-enabled POCs help sales understand prospect engagement and interest and the prospects’ POC usage reports give sales a reason to call and build the relationship.”

Conrad Ogletree- IBM

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Keywords: Learning Management, Learning Management Systems, Management Systems, Training Computers

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