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By: Hatsize  09-12-2011

Multiple Hatsize Clouds Optimize Performance Worldwide

Hatsize provides product demos and training for some of the high tech industry’s leading global companies. To ensure that Hatsize customers around the world always experience the best possible performance – even when they use thousands of sessions concurrently, Hatsize created the Hatsize worldwide network of private clouds.

The worldwide network of Hatsize private clouds leverages three global datacenters in Europe, Asia, and North America and is designed to showcase their customers’ products with optimum performance and minimum latency no matter where their customers’ users are located. On average Hatsize customers report a 4 to 5 fold increase in speed for users based in Europe and Asia.

Why a Worldwide Network of Private Clouds Matters

There are three reasons why a worldwide network of private clouds or multiple datacenters located in different regions around the world are more important than ever and critical to the successful delivery of virtual lab/cloud based demos and training.

  1. Companies are starting to understand they must provide a better user experience for all users including global end users, who are no longer willing to accept data latency and slow performance.
  2. Companies desiring growth have realized that emerging markets are forecasted to grow faster than advanced economies and they will likely drive a larger percentage of net new business.
  3. Companies are seeking to be more global – in terms of their workforces and their customer bases – both of which need product demos and training.

Hatsize Worldwide Network of Private Clouds

Today, Hatsize has a worldwide network of private clouds based on three, fully-operational datacenters in North America, Europe and Asia, which can currently support 100,000 sessions per month and much more based on demand. The Hatsize global network of private clouds provides industry leading uptime, session quality and customer satisfaction. Performance is 4-5 times faster in Europe and Asia than using the solution remotely from North America.

The global datacenters utilize premium infrastructure including state-of-the-art heating/ventilation/air conditioning; the highest level of reliability including minimum N+1 redundancy for every power system; biometric scanning; “lights out”/opaque cages, video and infrared surveillance; intrusion-detection scanning and security audits. Also, customer data is firewalled and partitioned so that customers cannot access each other’s data.

In addition, the three datacenters are linked to provide failover, backup, and disaster recovery support to ensure seamless delivery of both on-demand and scheduled sessions globally.

It is worth noting that the Hatsize cloud based demo and training solution can also be delivered through a client’s own datacenters. But unless a client has a significant investment in lab equipment and specialized physical devices, it is probably more effective – both from a cost and performance perspective – to let Hatsize deliver the cloud based demos and training globally from its new worldwide network of private clouds.

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Hatsize makes it possible to gain this insider information through instant monitoring and presence detection tools that provide true insight into the state of your sales campaign. With Hatsize, companies can determine the strengths of their partners by tracking channel activity across various sessions, such as self-paced training or sales demonstrations.


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Easily deliver complex technology trials combining virtual and physical devices to your worldwide customer base, while providing a solution that is seamlessly integrated within your prospects’ environment. Hatsize provides a complete cloud-enabled sales demo management solution to automatically build, configure, manage and report on demo and proof-of-concept sessions also known as virtual labs.


Pricing | Hatsize

Hatsize Subscription: Our lowest flat fee per month, Subscription is a one or two year commitment to provide a dedicated private cloud for your exclusive use that supports a set maximum number of users in any of three regions with the ability to “float” licenses to those regions with heavier usage as needed.


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While the system’s user interface presents a user-friendly window, behind the scenes the sophisticated management system automatically configures and saves the state of demo and training machines, while supporting a variety of operating systems, giving you increased flexibility in your sales and training.


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Plus, Hatsize offers the industry’s first distributed SaaS offering with global automated provisioning including complex hardware device control in multiple data centers from a single instance of multi-tenant software. As a result, Hatsize was built to support physical machines and hardware devices including storage appliances, switches and more.Heterogeneous EnvironmentsIt’s complicated.


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Hatsize provides industry-leading, cloud-based solutions that accelerate sales cycles – from product launches to sales demos and proof-of-concept trials to sales engineers, partner, and customer education. As a result, Hatsize customers are able to launch products three times faster, decrease training and demonstration costs and close more deals faster.


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Using the Hatsize API, Administrators are able to schedule cloud automated demos or training events from complementary systems, such as partner portals and learning management systems, rather than through the Hatsize portal. To use Hatsize, you simply specify how your demo and training computers would typically be set up in a physical environment, and Hatsize configures all of your cloud-enabled demo and training machines for you.