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By: Gx Technology  09-12-2011

Full-wave imaging addresses the E&P industry's most challenging seismic acquisition and processing situations, including:

  • Time-lapse (4D) reservoir monitoring, where high resolution images (of both lithology and fluid location) is required and ambient noise from production operations can interfere with the quality of the acquired data.

The near-surface velocity imaging challenges of the desert and Arctic lend themselves to full-wave imaging. VectorSeis is a key enabling technology, but full-wave is about more than just the sensor. It's also about designing a tailored survey for long-offset, wide azimuth data acquisition, taking into account the nuances of planning a survey to enhance the P-wave signal and, perhaps, acquire converted wave data, and processing the data to account for azimuthal velocity and anisotropy. 

Challenging environments represent unique challenges whose potential can best be unlocked through cutting-edge, integrated solutions that incorporate full-wave technologies. ION is a recognized leader in developing technologies across the entire seismic workflow that are helping the oil and gas industry move into the Digital, Full-wave era, including:

    Regardless of our clients' imaging challenge, ION has the expertise, solutions, technology, and global experience to help overcome them.  When you think of advanced seismic imaging, think of full-wave. And let ION put it to work for you.

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ION's digital, full-wave sensor,, gives us a natural advantage in monitoring fluid movements from the ocean bottom (using VectorSeis Ocean, our redeployable seabed acquisition system). For 2D and 3D,,, and support highly repeatable time-lapse acquisition using towed streamers. The key to 4D seismic is repeatability, and the keys to repeatability are owned by ION.


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By working in partnership with experienced seismic contractors in ISS projects, ION aligns with the priorities and objectives of both oil & gas companies and acquisition contractors, focuses on the value-added elements of the seismic workflow, and delivers solutions with minimal capital intensity and asset utilization burden.


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ION full-wave technologies are helping oil & gas companies and seismic contractors tackle complex imaging challenges where a solutions approach - spanning hardware, software, and survey design and imaging services - is required. Yet we transformed the company in 2004, through the acquisitions of Concept Systems and GX Technology, to become a leading, technology-focused seismic solutions provider.