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By: Gushor  09-12-2011
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Norka Marcano Receives PhD

Gushor Inc. is pleased to announce that one of our project managers, Norka Marcano, will receive her PhD in Geoscience with a Specialization in Organic Geochemistry from the University of Calgary.  She defended her PhD Thesis on Using Chemical Proxies for Monitoring In-Situ Upgrading of Bitumen on July 7, 2011, and recently finalized her corrections paving the way for the fall graduation ceremony in November 2011.

Congratulations Norka!

Norka Marcano Receives Award

Gushor is pleased to announce that one of our project managers, Norka Marcano, has recently been awarded the Best Oral Geology Presentation at the Road to Recovery 2011 – CSPG, CSEG, CWLS Joint Annual Convention.

The title of the presentation was “Using Produced Oil Molecular Composition to Monitor In Situ Upgrading Operations in Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Reservoirs”.

Gushor Appears in Cool Companies Magazine

"This book is focused on Alberta, Canada. Alberta is a place well known for its fresh air, the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the wide open spaces of the prairies, the boreal forests of the north, and the haunting beauty of the badlands. Alberta is also very fortunate to have an abundance of natural resources—oil, natural gas, coal—that have made it an energy world leader.

What you likely don’t know is that Alberta is home to a fascinating collection of companies pioneering their own space in the cleantech industry—in a land dominated by oil and gas activities, this is a very surprising discovery. Each of these clean technology companies is driven by innovation and entrepreneurial determination to make a meaningful contribution to the world’s Cleantech Revolution. They are the calibre of companies that will make you think, “Wow..Cool.” It’s important to emphasize that these are only a sample; there’s more. Our sample also only focuses on technology driven companies; there’s lots of service driven ones too.

Together, these cleantech companies and the innovators in traditional energy are proof that Alberta’s energy industry is carving out a new definition of itself: it is becoming a modern energy innovation leader that will be a global player in the Cleantech Revolution" (Cool Companies, Alberta's Clean Technologies & Green Products 2011, p.4).

Oilsands SAGE

Oilsands SAGE - New Technology Magazine (March 2010)

“R&D levels in resource-based industries like oil and gas do not compare at all with spending in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries and that’s one reason why we have so few recovery process options currently.” - Steve Larter

Talkin' Revolution

Talkin' Revolution - Alberta Oil Magazine (January 5, 2010)

"In a modern building on Research Road, the northern edge of the University of Calgary campus, the groves of academia meet the outside world.  It's a fitting location for Gushor Inc."

Keywords: Heavy Oil, Oil

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Considering the many years of R&D that were committed to achieve reproducible and statistically tolerant quantitative hydrocarbon data, we turned our attention to evaluate the integrity of the oil viscosity data.