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By: Gushor  09-12-2011
Keywords: Heavy Oil

New Blog Post - A Viscous Post-Mortem

A Viscous Post-Mortem

Oil Viscosity versus Oil geochemistry: Considering the advances achieved in quantitative analysis of hydrocarbons in crude oils and bitumen that can be correlated with physical properties such as oil viscosity e.g. Liaohe heavy oilfield in China (Koopmans et al., 2002), it was somewhat puzzling that when that same approach was applied to the heavy oil and bitumen samples of Alberta, the correlations proved somewhat disappointing. Considering the many years of R&D that were committed to achieve reproducible and statistically tolerant (1-2% variation) quantitative hydrocarbon data, we turned our attention to evaluate the integrity of the oil viscosity data. We initiated a program of R&D to investigate the factors contributing to variable oil viscosity data, while coincidently, at about the same time, the publication entitled “Should you trust your viscosity data?”was published in the Journal of Canadian petroleum technology (Miller et al., 2006) highlighting the need for guidelines to standardise viscosity measurements.

Keywords: Heavy Oil

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Together, these cleantech companies and the innovators in traditional energy are proof that Alberta’s energy industry is carving out a new definition of itself: it is becoming a modern energy innovation leader that will be a global player in the Cleantech Revolution".