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By: Guitar O.r  09-12-2011
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Does your guitar always sound a little out of tune? Is your E string in tune, but your 3rd fret is sharp? Its a pretty common issue. Without getting into too much detail, the guitar by nature is never really in tune. Its what you call a tempered instrument and the distance between frets is based on a mathematical equation to find the best “balance” between sharp and flat notes. There are a few ways in which we can maniputate the guitar to minimize these issues, however there are a couple of great products on the market to help us achieve better, more reliable results. One being the Buzz Fieten system, and one being Earvana. For various reasons ( I’ll let you do the research and decide on your own ), I’m a big fan of Earvana.

Essentially it is a replacement nut that reduces distance from the nut to the 12th fret. Resulting in a lower amount of string tension, which minimizes the fretted notes from going sharp when pressed. After having installed a number of them, I’m confident that you will be amazed at how big a difference it makes. The pictures in this post are that of a Gibson 336 that recently came through the shop. With it being such a beautiful guitar, the owner wanted the quality of pitch to match. The Earvana nut was just what it needed. No more sharp notes on the G chord that constant retuning wont fix.

Earvan nut installed

Gibson 336

Keywords: guitar

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Exceptions are refinishing and finish touch up repairs, as cure times can vary.For set ups and smaller repairs I can often get it back sooner than one week. Also, I try to meet allrequests for rushed service, so if you have a gig and need it done sooner, just ask. However I try not to keep your instrument out of your hands for more than a week. Much less time than most of Calgary’s guitar repair shops.


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Keeping the wide array of instruments at the Calgary Folkfest playing their best is no easy task, but something that we have taken pride in for 5 years now. Not to be outdone by the music, many high fives were given by the Spandex Panda who dropped by to say hello at the invitation of Guitar O.R. This just in….


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This guitar was truely custom in that it was a Fender Telecaster style but commissioned to include a sustainer pickup, phase circuit; distortion circuit, and kill switch all build in. With a huge selection of tones, this guitar is incredibly versatile and will be sure to bring its new owner many years of sweet tones. This guitar offered a lot of challenges in that its anything but “standard..