Guardian Telecom Inc. Page Party Replacements

By: Guardian Telecom  09-12-2011

Third-party Page Station Replacements

When its time to replace current third-party system components, Guardian addresses the need with a cost-effective answer by offering replacement page station modules. Direct compatibility of Guardian PPR & PPA units allows end users to protect their original system investment by replacing failed or aged units on the fly without even having to power down the entire communication system.

As well as PPA Amplifier & PPR Handset Amplifier third-party page station replacement modules, complete Guardian Page/Talk stations can be implemented into current expanding third-party systems offering clients continued usage of present systems while benefiting from Guardian Telecom’s Page/Talk station features and quality.

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Guardian Telecom Inc. PA / GA

This type of system serves as a vital link between the operators the facility’s main control room and personnel who work within the plant in capacities that include system maintenance, engineering, process analysis and site security. Not only is the Paging System (PA/GA) used for routine select or zone communication, it also is the primary communication medium used for critical broadcasting in plant emergency response plans.