VI BRICK™ Intermediate Bus Converter

By: Granite Power  09-12-2011

The Intermediate Bus Converter (IBC) Modules are a very efficient, low profile, isolated, fixed ratio converters for power system applications in enterprise and optical access networks.

Rated at up to 500 W from 36 Vin and up to 750 W from 54 to 60 Vin, the IBC conforms to an industry standard eighth or quarter-brick footprint while supplying the power of the next size up standard brick. Its leading efficiency enables full load operation at 55°C with only 200 LFM airflow. Its small cross section facilitates unimpeded airflow — above and below its thin body —  to minimize the temperature rise of downstream components. Medium power versions are available for cost effective solutions for reduced power requirements.

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Learn about the three distinct types of Vicor power components and how all these high-performance products work well with different power architectures including Distributed, Intermediate Bus, and Factorized Power. MIL-COTS Factorized Power DC-DC Converters. Hot-Swap SiP With V•I Chip EMI Filter. Hot-Swap SiP With Active EMI Filter. Active ORing & Load Disconnect. EMI Filter for 24 Vdc Bus.


Vicor DC DC Converter Products

These modules utilize the technical advantages of Factorized Power™ including high density and efficiency, low noise operation, fast transient response, and elimination of bulk capacitance at the point of load. The VI BRICK VTM provides point-of-load, fixed ratio voltage transformation with extremely fast transient response and isolation to 2,250 Vdc.


Custom Solutions

By utilizing standard Vicor component power modules (more than 8,000 active models), we can offer the shortest leadtime with the lowest risk. Our experience providing unique and demanding power solutions for the military & aerospace market span over 20 years. Vicor Custom Power has the capability to design, manufacture and certify semi-custom or full-custom power supplies.


DC-DC Converters | Vicor Full, Half, and Quarter Brick Modules

Low noise zero-current and zero-voltage switching and advanced power semiconductor packaging provide high power density with low temperature gradients. With advanced power processing, control and packaging technologies, power density has tripled while reducing the cost per watt of processed power. Vicor's Maxi, Mini and Micro product series DC-DC converters represent a leap in the performance and flexibility of power components.


Brick DC to DC Converters and AC to DC Systems

The new V 28 wide input Micro quarter brick DC-DC converter has a 9 to 36 V input voltage range in order to meet applications requiring either 12 V or 24 V operation. The new PFC MegaPAC MI power-factor-corrected AC-DC and DC-DC switchers provide up to 32 regulated outputs and up to 2,400 W with active PFC. Provides a highly efficient and power dense solution in an industry standard eighth-brick package. DC inputs available: 100-380 Vdc.