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By: Go Wild Alberta  09-12-2011
Keywords: Financial Support

Of the 18 caribou herds identified in the 2005 Alberta Woodland Caribou Recovery Plan, one has died out,  another two are at "immediate risk of extirpation," six are declining, six are unknown, and just three are reported stable.

The most consistent and pervasive threat to the persistence of a viable caribou population in Alberta stems from resource extraction industries, which are causing an overall loss and fragmentation of habitat. Reports from locals and government biologists dating back 60 years have documented the absence of caribou following the establishment of industrial activity in an area. Over the past 30 years, field biologists have shown the links among forestry, hydrocarbon development, and road building and the decline of woodland caribou.

We can make a difference by committing to protect habitat and enforcing higher standards of practice for all including recreationists, industrial operators and regulators.  AWA is pursuing channels to legally protect caribou and their habitat – we need financial support to continue this effort.

Alberta's 7,000 remaining caribou need your help today!

Keywords: Financial Support

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