Services / Equipment

By: Geostrata  09-12-2011

GeoStrata Resources Inc. operates three recording crews; each crew is capable of either 2D or 3D dynamite and/or vibroseis operations. GeoStrata has extensive experience in large heli-portable 3D projects and heli-assist programs in northeastern British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. GeoStrata's fully qualified project managers and front end personal offer complete service at the prime contractor level.

Down Hole equipment

Sercel MaxiWave Down Hole Seismic Tools

Sercel WaveLab Acquisition Unit

Sercel Gamma Ray Unit

Sercel Case Collar Locator

Sercel Tension Compression Unit

2007 Volvo Open Hole Logging Truck c/w 4200 meters 7/16th 7 conductor cable

Freightliner Recording Truck

Recording equipment

GeoStrata owns and operates 6600 channels of recording equipment

Sercel Conventional Seismic

One Sercel CMXL with 10,000 channel recording capabilities and full vibroseis and quality control licenses.

Sercel 408 UL ground equipment with 5,000 channels at 84 or 36 meter intervals.

5,800 Sercel SG-10 Geophones.


One Aram NT fully licensed front end.

Aram 24 Mark II RAMS - 1,600 channels.

250 four station Aram 3D cables at 64 meter intervals.

75 eight station Aram 2D cables at 26 meter intervals.

Quality Assurance


The acquisition of seismic data from thousands of channels is not achieved efficiently if the operators cannot be sure of the quality of this data.  The integration of tools like SQC-Pro makes quality control possible through access to real-time information by the observers in the field. This software provides the means, without slowing down the operations, to quickly detect any problems that could jeopardize the quality and integrity of the seismic records.  The calculation and visualization by SQC-Pro of attributes related to ambient noise, recorded frequencies and behavior of the sensors provides shot by shot data and comprehensive warnings if one particular characteristic goes out of its acceptable limits.


The ARAM NT software comes complete with built in quality control tools that include deconvolution, spectral analysis, FK display, vibrator quality control and filtered panels. These tools can be displayed both on the screen or output to a 12-inch plotter. Additionally both high and low cut playback filters can be applied and output to the plotter.

Source Equipment

GeoStrata owns and operates five Mertz vibrators.  The 42,000 pound vibrators, model 18 / 612, are complete with Pelton Vib Pro control electronics.

GeoStrata utilizes the Pelton Shot Pro I and II for all dynamite operations

Deployment and Retrieval tools

GeoStrata utilizes the Kodiak Navigation System along with a company owned Mr. T bag runner for accurate deployment and retrieval of equipment bags on all heli-assist and heli-portable projects. This greatly reduces crew effort and exposure to unnecessary risk.


All GeoStrata vehicles and remote offices are equipped with state of the art forty watt 256-channel fully programmable two-way radios; line crew personal are issued matching five watt 256-channel hand held radios. To enhance communication GeoStrata deploys a 106 foot self-standing tower complete with repeaters for dynamite shooting to ensure continual voice contact with all crew members. Each radio is submitted yearly for testing and calibration to manufacturer’s specifications by a certified radio dealer.