Planning and Strategic Advice

By: Genalta Power  09-12-2011

Many clients utilize our services to assist with strategic planning and development. We are comfortable working in teams to ensure the best possible approach is utilized for projects and on-going operations.

Our unique blend of experience and expertise allows us to assist clients with operations requirements, including contract management, energy management and financial settlement services.

We have delivered numerous training courses to both public and client specific audiences. In addition, we have presented at several industry conferences and forms.

Other products and services from Genalta Power


Regulatory Consulting and Gouvernment Advocacy

Our in-depth understanding of utility regulatory concepts and the Alberta electric energy industry allow us to assist clients with regulatory applications, supporting and testing utility applications and working with government agencies to initiate change.


Interconnection to the Grid

Having been a utility employee responsible for coordinating interconnections, we understand the challenges government agencies and utilities face when interconnecting load and generation projects. We strive to develop strategies that provide for a smooth interconnection with all parties being cognizant of financial and timing exceptions.


Electricity Procurement

Our in-depth understanding of the electric energy and natural gas industries and energy use impact parameters ensures that we obtain the best possible price for your retail and/or procurement transactions. We utilize a proven four step approach to strategically evaluate your requirements and implement a competitive procurement process.



Our competitive advantage is that we have the opportunity to continually expand our knowledge and skill base through the provision of our services. We have a strong network of senior industry and government contacts that we can employ for the benefits of our clients. We are in the business of disseminating our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our clients.