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By: Ge Harris Energy Control Systems Canada  09-12-2011

Every day, we face major challenges arising from today’s business environments:

Absenteeism Poor morale
Presenteeism Premature death
Sick leave abuse & high medical insurance claims Accident & safety negligence due to lack of alertness or awareness
High staff turnover & talent loss Burnout
Diverted managerial time And many others…

The potential of IPMS lies in its ability to address these challenges. It puts together a spectrum of services that reaches every level of an organization. These elements of IPMS are used in customized combinations, based on organizational needs.

Why IPMS? Because the benefits far outweigh the cost! Manage the people the right way so that you can:

Boost Employee Motivation & Productivity Manage Stress
Build leadership competencies Enhance resilience and work commitment
Retain Talents Strengthen Performance
Engage Employees Improve Work-Life Balance
Improve Cohesion Manage Risk
Tackle Supervisory Issues Become an Employer of Choice
Foster Buy-in for Organizational Change    

Happy Employees will generate Happy Customers and Happy Shareholders!

Our unique approach and services complement the work of managers and HR and OH to better manage, motivate, develop and retain your employees. IPMS is the strategic move in people management!

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