Cylinder Gas Audits

By: Gasl  09-12-2011

Cylinder Gas Audits (CGA's) are required by the 1998 Alberta CEMS Code and must be performed according to section 4.5.4.

Prior to conducting Cylinder Gas Audits, GASL performs a system check to ensure that all temperatures, pressures, and flows are at normal values.

Once checks are complete Cylinder Gas Audits are performed by challenging a CEM System with three protocol gasses at appropriate concentrations, allowing the outputs to stabilize, then recording the DAS output, calculating average responses, and determining the linearity at each different concentration.

GASL performs Cylinder Gas Audits on a wide variety of systems.  With every CGA a detailed report is provided for your records.

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Emergency Services

Global Analyzer Systems is fully equipped to handle a wide variety of acute situations that require immediate attention. DAS Maintenance, repairs and signal verification. Emergency parts replacement or upgrades. Pitot tube cleaning or replacement.


GASL Advantage

GASL ensures quality, accuracy, and compliance whether we are performing a routine system inspection or a comprehensive full CEMS Preventative Maintenance package. Our professional service personnel, designers, and technicians are always available to ensure that your systems are kept in tip-top shape. As the GASL CEMS designer we are experts in all aspects of the G4XXPD Continuous Emissions Monitoring System.


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GASL maintenance programs include bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual preventative maintenance services. Up-stack preventative maintenance services designed to keep your CEMS operational year round. Pre-RATA/CGA Preventative maintenance service and analyzer calibration. Global Analyzer Systems Limited offers complete maintenance programs. Monthly system checks, inspections, and calibration.


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GASL preventative maintenance services are designed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your system prior to regulatory testing activities and programs. GASL personnel assist in facilitating communication between source testing contractors and facility/operations personnel. Global Analyzer Systems Limited offers pre-RATA or pre-CGA maintenance programs. Pre-RATA preventative maintenance and calibration services.


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With premium on-site services from GASL you can expect a reduction in equipment downtime, higher standard of reliability, increased system confidence, and decreased frequency of equipment repairs. GASL on-site services are designed to meet or exceed the needs of your CEMS Quality Assurance Plan or other Regulatory Compliance requirements. Global Analyzer Systems provides custom maintenance programs and on-site CEMS services.