Brahma Compression - Extra Low Pressure Gas Pooster (XLP

By: Gas Compressor  09-12-2011
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Product Specifications

Download specifications,
Sound & EUB Data, and installation requirements for
all of our low pressure gas gathering packages.

XLP (Extra Low Pressure) gas boosters are designed specifically for optimizing gas production in low pressure gas gathering systems. Double or triple your gas production with the same horsepower compared to traditional compressor packages.

  • The Blower/Compressor is oil-free and nearly maintenance free.
  • Double or triple your gas production with the same horsepower in comparison to traditional compressor packages.
  • Designed specifically for optimizing gas production in low pressure gas gathering systems.

Flow Rate Comparison

The Problem

Most traditional gas compressor packages are designed for discharge pressures of 100 psig or higher and do not enable efficient use of horsepower at extra low discharge pressures (<35 psig).

The Solution

The XLP natural gas booster utilizes an oil free blower/compressor designed especially for extra low discharge pressures, ideally suited for low pressure gathering systems. And they’re nearly maintenance free.

The Result

The XLP gas booster package operates at optimal efficiency in extra low pressure applications, enabling it to produce up to three times the production volumes when compared to the equivalent traditional rotary screw compressor.

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