Frontier - Engineering and Project Management

By: Frontier  09-12-2011

As Prime Contractor, we manage and coordinate all aspects of any project development, including drillings and completions. As Prime Contractor we:

  • Prepare cost estimates and feasibility studies.
  • Accept the Prime/General Contractor liability contractually from client operating company.
  • Provide project management, engineering design, field management and project accounting.
  • Expediency; can hire highly-skilled personnel without undue delay.
  • Efficiency; our client’s management can focus on corporate strategic objectives rather than day-to-day operations.
  • Reduced liability; Prime/General Contractor role is held by an outside firm.
  • Reduced exposure; our client’s management can dictate the type and amount of insurance coverage required by the contractor.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed by our ethics and professionalism plus contracts between the parties.

Having Frontier as Prime Contractor allows you to focus your entrepreneurial spirit in other ventures while obtaining the best results.