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By: Fresh Fitness  09-12-2011
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Health, Lifestyle, and Fitness Assessment

Our detailed approach to programming begins with a comprehensive assessment that includes:

  • Movement analysis
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Body composition and girth measurements

Individual and group personal training

The greatest way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your fitness program! Our trainers provide customized programs for a wide range of goals including:

  • Weight loss
  • Back care
  • Athletes
  • Post-rehab

Metabolism Assessments (Resting & Exercise)

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
Approximately 70% of the calories burned each day are used during a resting state. The RMR assessment measures your individual resting rate and provides detailed data including.

  • How many calories you can consume without gaining weight.
  • What your daily and weekly caloric deficit should be to lose weight.
  • Your unique personal metabolic requirements.
  • How many calories from exercise should be included in a balanced weight loss program.
  • How many calories you are burning from fat compared to carbohydrates.

Exercise Metabolism Assessment (VO2 Max)
Everyone’s response to exercise is unique. To get the best results for YOU, it is very important to know the correct exercise intensity to provide the optimum, sustainable burn of fat and calories, improve your fitness and your athletic performance. Estimations do not provide the individualized training programs you need. The New Leaf Active Metabolic Assessment System eliminates the guesswork that defeats most diet, exercise and training programs! Discover:

  • Your unique response to exercise.
  • Your individual fitness level and unique heart rate zones.
  • How to avoid muscle soreness and over-training.
  • The correct exercise intensity levels to: increase the burn of fat and calories, lose weight and inches, improve cardiovascular fitness and enhance athletic performance.

Nutrition Services

ExerSmart™ online nutrition and exercise tracking software.

  • This detailed and easy to use system is perfect for keeping on track with your nutrition program.
  • Choose from a variety of dietician designed meal plans that are completely customized to provide you with the exact number of calories and nutrients to meet your goals.
  • Record your calories burned through the built-in exercise tracking feature.

Personalized Nutrition Services

  • Our nutritionist will provide you with the best plan for your goals and provide continued support along your path to success!
  • Whether you need a custom designed meal plan or
  • Throughout the year, FRESH! offers 12-week nutrition programs for those with specific goals in mind and who are looking for the support of a group to help them reach their goals!

Our experts will work with your HR department to provide access to the best knowledge and services to keep each employee healthy, happy, and productive. We pride ourselves on finding customized solutions that build on the unique culture and direction of each business. Our services include:

  • On-site exercise classes and fitness training.
  • Lunch & Learn sessions, educational workshops and specialty programs.
  • High level strategic planning and consulting for wellness program implementation.
  • Fitness facility design and management.

Whether you have a small home gym, or a large corporate facility, FRESH! can provide the expertise, products, and services to make your facility a success.

  • Unique planning and training philosophy that saves space and money.
  • Get the most use out of your allocated space.
  • Access to top quality equipment from major manufacturers.
  • Added value of FRESH! training expertise to maximize the use of your equipment!

Keywords: exercise, Fitness , lose weight, Nutrition, Personal Training, Weight Loss

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