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By: Fortune Industrial Technologies  09-12-2011

Gears & Gear boxes/Equipment
FIT represents gear and gear box manufacturers with capacity and precision matching the best in the world. Our factories manufacture precision gearing in the following ranges:
• Hard flank gear of diameter to 4 000 mm and max. precision of grade 3
• Bevel gear of diameter to 1 200 mm and max. precision of grade 5 (AGMA 12)
• Precision gear boxes for various industrial applications to:
o Max. pitch line velocity of 170 m/s
o Max. rotation speed of 67 000 rpm
o Max. power transmitted of 55 000 KW
o Max. output torque of 750 tonne.m Our manufacturers' equipment includes:
• SCHIESS RF-30S, high precision gear hobbing machine to 3 000 mm in diameter and of module M16
• LORENZ, gear shaping machine to 1 000 mm in diameter and of module M10
• KLINGLENBERG, bevel gear cutting machine to 1 200 mm in diameter and of module M27
• KLINGLENBERG AH1200, gear quenching machine to 1 200 mm in diameter
• NILES ZP3200, internal and external tooth profile grinding machine to 3 200 mm in diameter and of module M40
• HOFLER, CNC gear grinder to 4 000 mm in diameter and of module M34
• MAAG, gear grinder to 900 mm in diameter and of module M20
• MAAG PH100, gear tester to 1 000 mm in diameter and of module M20
• MAAG SP-60, gear grinder to 600 mm in diameter and of module M20
• KLINGLENBERG GKP-851, bevel gear lapping machine
• A number of large capacity CNC boring, milling and turning machines from US, Russia and Czech
Carburizing furnace from Austria with diameter up to 4 000 mm.

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Fortune Industrial Technologies, Inc - GG equipment

KLINGELNBERG" AMK-855 AMk855 bevel gear generating machine from KLINGELNBERG Co., Germany Max dia 1200mm, module Mt27. KLINGELNBERG" GKP-851 GKP851 bevel gear lapping machine from KLINGELNBERG Co., Germany. SCHIESS" RF-30S SCHIESS RF-30S gear hobber from SCHIESS Co.. LUCAS" LUCAS 40T66 boring & milling machine from LUCAS Co.. LORENZ" LORENZ gear shapping machine from LORENZ Co.. UF5225F1 UF52251 gantry milling machine from Russian.



Our manufacturer’s axles have both ISO 9001 and AAR certification and our manufacturer’s quality assurance system, organizational structure, and rules and regulations are in strict accordance with both international standards. It includes:• A 500 ton precision forging machine• A 10 m diameter rotary heating furnace• A 1 m diameter hot cutting saw• A 27 m long walking type heat treating furnace• Production of 80,000 axles per year.