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By: Fluid Compressor  09-12-2011
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We build one of the finest oil flooded rotary screw packages available on the market today because our customers have helped us design them. We ask field personnel what features would make our units perform to a higher standard, then incorporate them into the machine. Our packages are simplistic in design, economical in price and perform effortlessly in the field. As a packager for Quincy and CompAir LeRoi, we can insure your satisfaction due to our diverse options. It is critical to have the correct type of compressor in the proper application in order to achieve long term results. Often, competitors will design a "cheaper machine" that will even use less horsepower. In most cases, they have sized the unit too small and won't move the amount of gas your well will give up. Even if you leave 10 mcfpd behind the pipe, that can be over $ 21,000 a year at $6 natural gas. There are two reasons why competitors do this..1. The unit is cheaper because it is smaller however it will not have the longevity to perform with your field and 2. They have difficulty pulling a deep vacuum with their compressor. Our screws are designed to pull a deep vacuum (20"- 26" hg. vacuum) and on the other hand they can discharge into 300 psig.

We package rotary screw compressors for use as natural gas compression for well heads, boosting, vapor recovery, vent gas recovery, and processing applications. Horsepower ranges from 10-1000 depending on the size of the unit. Compared to reciprocating or vane compressors, rotary screws exhibit low maintenance cost due to fewer moving parts, no valves, and are designed to be vibration and pulsation free. By using an oil flooded design, high compression ratios are possible.

Our innovative compressor system designs save unnecessary service cost. We design our systems to offer low maintenance and high percentage run time, even in extremely cold temperatures. All component parts are designed for a long service life. The generously sized discharge filters and oil filters ensure excellent compressed gas quality. All in line oil filters are spin on/off minimizing service time. The quick access service points allow servicing to be conducted in minutes and minimizing downtime and service costs.

As a standard option on our screw packages, we incorporate our SURE inlet gas filtration system. This setup includes cartridge style filters that will superbly filter carbon, coal fines, iron sulfide and other foreign particles so they do not enter the compressor. As with other components, the SURE system was designed for easy filter changes in the field. Once you have experienced this filter you will never have another screw without it.

We can drive these units with an electric motor or natural gas engine. The different brands of natural gas engines we use are Chevy, Ford, Caterpillar, Cummins, Arrow or Waukesha. If there is another brand you desire, we will be happy to accommodate.

No matter what your scenario, we would enjoy the opportunity to design a system for your application. Our goal is to design a system that is trouble free, cost effective and will last for years in your field conditions.

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Keywords: Compressor, Natural Gas, Rotary Screw, Rotary Screw Compressors, Screw Compressors

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