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By: Fluid Compressor  09-12-2011
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The Facts

This amazingly efficient system has the ability to pull a perfect vacuum, 29" at sea level, and discharge into pressure. Due to the internal design, the compressor is nearly 100% efficient. Because we use liquid to create a seal, there is no piston slippage or metal to metal contact while compressing gas or air. The system will operate over the full vacuum range from 0-29" hg. and discharge into pressure. No minimum sizing restrictions means the compressor does not have to move gas in order to stay cool. It will pump 1 mcfpd as efficiently as 500 mcfpd, depending on what the well will naturally allow. If desired, the system can pump fluctuating volumes with no harm to the unit. Although these systems were invented for natural and methane gas compression, they may be used in any situation where vacuum is necessary.

Simple to Operate

Because this system is uncomplicated, it is extremely easy to operate. Even if you have no compressor experience, this machine will become your best friend. The Auto-Start feature will allow the unit to re-start if it goes down on suction or discharge pressure.

System Will Not Overheat

The pump operates at constant horsepower throughout the full vacuum range. This is possible due to the unique patented flow design of our pump. No two parts ever touch and lubrication is not required, therefore, temperature is not a concern.

Low Maintenance and "Abuser Friendly"

We enjoy staying in close contact with field people that take care of our units. We encourage their input on any changes that can be made so these units continue to be low maintenance. The pump will perform 24 hours per day continuously under the most demanding conditions and does not require any lubrication. There is no metal-to-metal contact between rotating and stationary parts in the pump. Due to the axial flow, the unit can be started in the flooded state. The working components are totally enclosed allowing no exposure to outside elements. During the pumping cycle, the gas is in intimate contact with the sealing liquid and compression is nearly isothermal. When handling saturated vapor-gas mixtures, the liquid ring seal acts as a condenser, greatly increasing the effective capacity of the pump. The direct contact between the liquid ring and the gas makes the pump ideal for wet applications and for handling condensables that are discharged with gas and liquid. The great thing is, even if you make a mistake, the results aren't detrimental to the machine.

Patented Process

Our process works so well that it was issued patent number RE 38,434. We incorporated various specifics to make the unit as maintenance free and long lasting as possible.

What makes our system different?

The facts are: our system is very low maintenance, no loss of seal fluid, pulls 28" of vacuum (depending on elevation) and is the most efficient vacuum system designed. We fabricate a quality product from top to bottom. We do not use hose to connect fittings together; we use a solid sheet of metal on the topside in order to contain any spills inside the drip rails; all flanges are series 150, not cheap stamped metal; fittings are forged steel and socket welded where possible; gage cock valves are carbon steel; no brass valves are used only carbon or stainless steel; coalescent filter is the highest quality available for longevity; the electric panels are equipped with a Class I Div. II simple to use PLC that will indicate reason for shutdown, not your typical non-code tattletale indicator.

Auto Compression Feature

Unlike other liquid ring compressors, when discharge pressure builds and suction and discharge ratios exceed limitations, our Autocompression feature begins to work. This feature allows the compressor to continue function normally, just as if we were moving gas. When the discharge pressure increases, the volumes will decrease until the discharge pressure begins to fall, or suction pressure increases, then the unit will automatically begin compressing once again.

Environmentally Friendly

The unit operation is extremely quiet. It can be used in residential, park, wildlife or Federal land areas. Placing the unit inside a structure is not necessary.

Options for Liquid Ring and Screw Compressors

Although constant attention is not required on our systems, with these options, your life can be made even simpler.


Whatever your company color, just supply us with the color code and we will be happy to use. We do have standard colors for the U.S. Forestry and Parks and Wildlife services.

Gas Cooler

Cool gas to the desired pipeline entry temperature after leaving the compressor.

Environmental Seal Fluid

We use a specially formulated seal fluid that was designed to be used in offshore applications that will not harm fish, or other aquatic organisms, and is adopted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Variable Frequency Drives

These control panels can be used to slow motor speed down to desired levels or increase speed slowly to avoid the need for a soft start panel. Phase converters can also be installed to convert 480 single phase to 480 3 phase.


This can be added to take care of any liquids that accumulate in the suction scrubber. This system will function if your suction is on positive pressure or a vacuum.

Strobe Light

Gives your personnel the ability to visually see that your compressor is running without driving to it. The strobe will blink while the unit is performing.


Allows your personnel to check the operation of the machine from a computer or using a SCADA® type system. In the event the unit goes down, you may alert specific personnel by page or phone call.

Keywords: Compressor, Gas, pump, Vacuum

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