FlowPhase Engineering Software - aqualibrium

By: Flowphase  09-12-2011

What's New?
AQUAlibrium has new features as outlined below: AQUAlibrium 3.1:
  • Critical point calculation added
  • Nitrogen added to the component list
  • Specific Volume added to the phase property list
  • Online help available
  • Edit functions and popup menu available for data editor
AQUAlibrium 3.01:
  • Compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2
AQUAlibrium 3.00:
  • Pop-up menu for data editor
AQUAlibrium 2.0:
  • New calculation routines
  • Phase equilibrium calculations for mixtures that do not contain water
  • Calculations of the enthalpy, heat capacity, viscosity, and thermal conductivity
  • Win32 MDI Interface
  • Project and file management of AQUAlibirum calculations
  • Documentation of AQUAlibrium projects
  • Exporting of the AQUAlibrium projects to other Windows applications
There are eleven major groups of calculations:
  1. Pressure-Temperature Flash
  2. Water Content Calculation
  3. Vapour-Aqueous Liquid Dew Point Pressure Calculation
  4. Vapour-Aqueous Liquid Dew Point Temperature Calculation
  5. Non-Aqueous Liquid Normal Dew Point Pressure Calculation (With Or Without Water)
  6. Non-Aqueous Liquid Retrograde Dew Point Pressure Calculation (With Or Without Water)
  7. Non-Aqueous Liquid Dew Point Temperature Calculation (With Or Without Water)
  8. Non-Aqueous Liquid Bubble Point Pressure Calculation (With Or Without Water)
  9. Non-Aqueous Liquid Bubble Point Temperature Calculation (With Or Without Water)
  10. Solubility Calculation
  11. Critical Point Calculation
Currently, there are twelve components built into the programs:
  1. Water
  2. Hydrogen Sulfide
  3. Carbon Dioxide
  4. Methane
  5. Ethane
  6. Propane
  7. Isobutane
  8. n-Butane
  9. Isopentane
  10. n-Pentane
  11. Hexane
  12. Nitrogen

The seemingly small component list currently in the program (compared with general purpose simulators,
for example) is due to the necessary binary systems being thoroughly studied by the author.  AQUAlibrium is the best available software for these systems.

Phase Properties
In addition to the phase equilibrium, AQUAlibrium also calculates the following properties of the various phases:
  • Molar Mass
  • Compressibility
  • Density
  • Specific Volume
  • Enthalpy
  • Heat Capacity
  • Viscosity
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Specific Volume
  • Critical Points

New correlations have been developed for calculating the viscosity and thermal conductivity of acid gas mixtures. Although these were developed for acid gas mixtures the program uses them for non-acid gas mixtures as well. If the software determines that the stream is not an acid gas it will print a warning message and thus the viscosity and thermal conductivity may not be highly accurate. In addition, a separate set of correlations is use to calculate the aqueous phase properties.

The AQUAlibrium Installation Wizard will lead you through the installation process if Microsoft Windows 98/2000/Me/NT/XP has been installe.To take full advantage of AQUAlibrium's capabilities, the following applications need to be installed:
  • Microsoft Word 97
  • Microsoft Excel 97
  1. Carroll, J.J., THE WATER CONTENT OF ACID GAS AND SOUR GAS FROM 100° TO 220°F AND PRESSURES TO 10,000 PSIA, Presented at the 81st Annual GPA Convention, March 11-13, 2002, Dallas, Texas, USA,

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