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By: Flipp Advertising  09-12-2011

All of the tools in the sales tool box.

Hello!? You don't own your brand anymore than you own the Internet. We don't own your brand either. You can do the best to teach it manners, dress it up and cover it in the smartest copywriting but in the end you'll find your brand bouncing around Twitter, Facebook and passed out on someone's blog with no memory of what happened over the weekend. This doesn't mean you give up. It means you pay attention. Take time to think ahead and best position your brand and message before sending it out the door.

We've worked through many different branding and positioning projects and each one is unique. You may be creating a brand new product from scratch, or maybe you need to evolve your brand and your message, or maybe you don't need to change a thing. We're here to help point you in the right direction in order to position your product or service for success.

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Web Development and Design | FLIPP Advertising

These reports would meticulously outline feedback from every prospect she spoke with, their likes and dislikes, the amount of interest they had in all products and services as well as the time spent with each. She claims to make it a habit to follow up with those interested in the company's products and services twice a month to outline current promotions and offering unique to their interests.


Social Media Strategy and Management

Look at social media not as a Facebook fan page, but as a marketing platform: a very powerful medium that allows you an unprecedented connection to your customers. Your Social Media Manager from FLIPP supplies monthly progress reports of traffic, followers, conversations and feedback. A Social Media Manager from FLIPP will be immersed into your products. If your social media strategy is to open a Twitter account..


Media Planning for Print and Online Campaigns

To the untrained eye, the perfect media plan chart closely resembles the Tetris screen right before you can't find a home for the L-shaped blue piece. Media planning isn't just news papers and magazines anymore, it's the integration of Google AdWords, Online Campaigns and Social Media. The best media plan acts as a quarterback to the communications plan and understands how each communications relates to the other.


Communication Strategy, Planning and Positioning

Zig Ziglar said it best: "If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else.. Understanding your goal is time well spent as it keeps projects on target and on budget. The first step to any project at FLIPP is setting and understanding your goal. Goals are accomplished through the completion of measurable objectives. This plan acts as our road map to your goal.