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By: Fix Auto, The Body Shop Network - The Fix Auto network is 317 bodyshops all maintaining  03-10-2012
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Despite the fact that work quality may no longer be the criticalmeasure of success, collision repairerslike to believe their future is assured by it. However, there's no denyingthe evidence. Despite all the efforts body shopowners make to deliver excellent work and satisfy the increasing demands of insurers,they still can't find the formula that will workfor them and bring the rewards they deserve.Given today's ever-shrinking profit margins,it’s becoming a matter of urgency to discover a strategy that can turn things around. The modern business world is always promoting the importance of projecting a commercial image ...whether you agree with it or not. Does your business have any kind of an image? Does the commercial package you're offering properly reflect the quality ofyour service? Does your image possess brand value in the minds of consumers? If consumers don't see you as the "Michelin of body SHOPS," your losses could start piling up.

Look around you. All over the world, the modern shopper is conditioned to zero in onbrands. You're a consumer too. When you're confronted with a known and trusted name,it's not only easier to choose, but you do so with a certain amount of pride. You're not just buying a set of tires - you're getting Michelins.The body shop industry also bows to this rule. All your customers, both consumers and insurers, are drawn to, and made to feel

secure by, your brand.



Your shop's name identifies your type of business. But it doesn't spell out the promiseyou're making to the customer. That's because your shop name is not a brand in itself. Even if you've been known for a longtime in your area, the level of awareness you enjoy could be just an illusion. Up in that HQ in the sky where insurance decisions are being made, your local reputation gets lost in the clouds of data and you can't hope tocompete at that level. Several surveys have shown that no independent

collision repairer gets a level of awareness above 1.8%. In other words, noindependent, however important, has a strong enough voice to be heard. To register on the consumer's radar and maintain a true business relationship with insurers,

body shop owners need to get together, That’s the sole mission of Fix Auto; to bring a unique value to all those grouped under

its banner.

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