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By: Fitter  09-12-2011

Natural Office Ergonomics to Help "Revive your 9 to 5"

Active Sitting is the concept of using an actively moving sitting surface, such as a Ball Chair, Sitting Disc, or Swopper Chair in place of a conventional chair. This results in an ergonomic sitting position and leads to better posture, core stability, circulation, and productivity.

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Foam Rollers from Fitterfirst

When a foam roller is used in a physical therapy exercise program, it aids in the healing process by promoting spinal stabilization, alignment, myofascial release and balance training. Foam rolls are versatile tools for stretching, rehabilitation, physical therapy and fitness workouts.


Pro Fitter, SRF Board, Slide Board from Fitterfirst

Ideal for the weekend warrior, advanced athlete or rehabilitative specialist, the Pro Fitter, SRF Board and Slide Board create functional instability to train better balance, proprioception and strength. These are Fitterfirst Original dynamic 3 dimensional whole body training tools.


Exercise Balls from Fitterfirst

Exercise Balls, also known as Swiss balls, fitness balls, and stability balls, are great for active sitting and functional core exercise. Fitterfirst offers only the highest quality Exercise Balls to ensure safe training for balance, core stability, and core strength. Quality Exercise Balls for Balance Training & Core Strength.