Fields of Code Inc., Medical and Dental Applications: Feature Matrix

By: Fields Of Code  09-12-2011
Keywords: User Profiles

Fields of Code provides several editions of Medical and Dental clinic EMR management software, these allow us to lower to cost where possible, while still being useful in the related context.

  Standalone ¹ Connectivity ² Connectivity Plus ² Enterprise ³
Treatment Charts
Periodontal Charts
Medical Information
User Profiles
Unstructured Data
Connectivity between computers
Typical uses:
Standalone Edition ¹ The Standalone edition is EMR software typically useful in the small clinic where there is only one computer, or if the computer installed on is not to be connected to other computers in your network for database connectivity purposes. Except for connectivity, all other features are enabled.
Connectivity Edition
Connectivity Plus Edition
² The Connectivity edition  is EMR software useful in the clinic having more than one computer interconnected. Typically, this edition is used by health care providers who don't need access to a particular set of functions such as: backups, reporting or group search capabilities. This is applicable for example, when these tasks are performed by an office administrator or DBA instead.
Enterprise Edition ³ The Enterprise edition is EMR software that allows access to all features. It is typically used by the Physician, Dentist or the Office Manager who wants full access to all features for various reasons. This edition has fully enabled connectivity for an environment of many interconnected computers and concurrent access to patient records.

Keywords: User Profiles

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Fields of Code Inc., Medical and Dental Applications: Licensing

For every license you purchased, Fields of Code grants a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use a single copy of the software on a single computer or on a single network terminal. After the software has been activated, you will not need an Internet connection to operate the software. This also applies to any updates or maintenance releases, together with the related documentation. Fields of Code systems require activation.


Fields of Code Inc., Medical and Dental Software: Website Services

A combination of all services above works best for the busy clinic wanting a presence on the web, but without having to be involved in all, or any, relating technical details. Let our design team come up with a professional design that shows your business online in good taste and with a contemporary look. Fields of Code has a new one-stop-shop service to help establish your web presence. Online hosting for your domain.


Dental Software (EMR) In Calgary From Fields of Code Inc

Our Dental Software has built in encryption, and security to manage users and to equally protect the information whether in the database or backup files. Solutions were designed to make your clinic administration secure, user friendly, quick and cost efficient. Fields of Code Dental software is used to manage and analyze the dental clinic.