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By: Ffhm  09-12-2011
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We invite you to become a participant in caring for a needy Mexican child or young student pursuing higher education or Biblical training. Your role as a sponsor is two-fold
1.    Financially assist a child or student in receiving food, clothing, shelter, medical care, tuition, books, and educational supplies.
2.    Spiritually nurture your child or student by praying for and encouraging them. Types of Sponsorships
There are 3 types of sponsorships:
1.    Child Sponsorship
200 children are lovingly cared for in Vicente Guerrero, Baja; Tlacolula, Oaxaca; and Morelia, Michoacan.
2.    Higher Education  Student Sponsorship
20 Students are pursuing higher education in Mexican universities and technical schools. They're studying to become doctors, lawyers, dentists, architects, social workers, teachers, etc.
3.    Bible Institute Student Sponsorship
40 Future evangelists and pastors from all over Mexico receive two years of intensive Biblical training. Sponsors are invited to the graduation celebration. Who Can Sponsor?
Individuals, families, or groups can sponsor a child or student. Sometimes a group or organization can sponsor several children or students. Present sponsors vary from a 12 year-old girl who earns her own money, to a university fraternity, Sunday school classes, and families who want one more child to love. What does it Cost?
$200(USD) per month is the cost to support a child or student. Four levels of Sponsorship are offered:1.    Full Sponsorship $200 monthly
2.    Co-Sponsorship $100 monthly
3.    Partial Sponsorship $50 monthly
4.    Partial Sponsorship $25 monthlyOne time gifts are always gratefully received. May I Correspond with my Sponsored Child/Student?
Yes! Most children and students eagerly await mail and enjoy writing letters. Children who are too small to write often make drawings for their sponsor. Your letters are translated - so please keep them short. You receive a letter in reply together with an English translation. What will my Sponsored Child or Student Call Me?
The children and students traditionally look upon their sponsors as aunts and uncles. In Spanish they are called Tía (aunt) and Tío (uncle). Some older people prefer to be called Abuelita (grandmother) and Abuelito (grandfather). Sponsors are very special people to the children and students who often speak of them with pride. Can I select the Child or Student I Sponsor?
Yes! All sponsors receive a photo and short description of their child or student. Once you decide upon the level of sponsorship (see above) you submit your request and our office will contact you. Information about establishing contact with your child or student will be sent to you. Can I Send a Gift?
Sponsors usually want to send a gift for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. Our preferences would be for you to send funds - no more than $15 for a child. An appropriate gift will be purchased locally. We do ask that this be done well in advance in order to facilitate the purchasing of gifts. Would I Be Able to Adopt A Child From Mexico?
No! It is virtually impossible for an American or Canadian family to adopt a Mexican Child. We cannot authorize the pursuit of this. We are not an adoption agency nor do we assist in adoption. We understand the heart's desire to bless and care for needy children but can only recommend that those wishing to do so use an approved and accredited adoption agency who have an adoption agreement with the U.S. and Canada. Most of the children in our care are not available for adoption. FFHM has spent its life and energy in the defense and love of the orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children of Mexico and beyond. Thank you for understanding.

I live in Canada - Can I Sponsor a Child or Student?

Yes! Please visit our affiliate World-Wide Missions Society of B.Cwebsite (make sure you change the drop-down-menu to Foundation for His Ministry - Hogar Para Ninos): Please enter the child's name and location when donating on their site.

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Keywords: Adoption, Adoption Agency, higher education, Sponsorship

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They pursued a vision from God given to a young mother who found herself, along with her husband and friends, stranded in a strange and foreign place. Foundation for His Ministry was founded on the prayers of a few faithful servants hungering after understanding and intimacy with God. Twenty years later, God continues to reveal himself in powerful, and personal ways through this amazing work in Baja.