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By: Fekete  09-12-2011

Fekete’s qualified reserves evaluators identify and address key technical and economic issues. We then use our considerable in-house experience and specialized expertise, such as rate-transient analysis, pioneered by Fekete. The full spectrum of Fekete’s software and expertise is applied to truly understand your reservoirs, to more accurately model and forecast production, and to provide reserves estimates with confidence. We prepare professional NI 51-101 and SEC compliant reserve reports for Canadian and United States regulators.


As Qualified Reserve Evaluators, we conduct, appraise and audit reserves for a variety of purposes including:

  • Annual corporate reserve evaluations
  • Individual property reports for acquisition/divestment
  • Audit of company reserves to satisfy banking requirements
  • Fair market value appraisals/estate valuations
  • Submissions to regulatory authorities regarding issues that require economic evaluations (i.e. otherwise flared solution gas holidays)
  • Assessments of prospective undeveloped lands.
  • Energy pricing analysis and forecasting

Evaluation results from these reports are available electronically in Merak’s PEEP format.

As we conduct our diligent review of your wells and properties, we make recommendations on reservoir management issues such as:

  • increasing well density to maximize recovery
  • providing alternative pipeline/compressor routes to alleviate deliverability restrictions
  • enhanced recovery
  • monitoring well performance (flowing pressures and rates)
  • conducting a pressure build-up test to determine if your well is damaged
  • conducting a pressure build-up test for pool delineation
  • providing expertise on your recent seismic and geological modeling project

We look forward to providing quality service and results for your company.

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Fekete Engineering Software & Services - cbmstudies

In the past few years, Fekete has been involved in numerous projects such as industry funded initiatives to study shale gas, green field development, and engineering reports to determine a CBM-specific development strategy. Other typical projects include the reserve estimation of tight gas, production forecasting of CBM and shale gas reservoirs, reservoir evaluation, and production optimization of existing CBM wells.


Fekete Engineering Software & Services - geology

The strength of our expertise is the interdisciplinary co-operation between Fekete’s geological, petrophysical, geophysical and reservoir engineering staff and the integration of their results to arrive at a practical and technically rigorous reservoir interpretation. Gross and net pay analyses and the areal extent of reservoirs are determined through detailed correlations of hydrocarbon zones and surrounding strata.


Fekete Engineering Software & Services - pipeline

From multiple zone/multiple pressured systems in Alberta, coalbed methane systems in Wyoming, high pressure gas in Pakistan, to tight gas in Australia our engineers have accumulated a vast range of experience and valuable insight. Piper™ software, Fekete’s engineers are able to build a model of a gas gathering system that includes the surface gathering system, wellbores, and reservoirs.


Fekete Engineering Software & Services - production

Specifically, the process includes petrophysical evaluation of bypassed pay including offset analogies and recommended perforation intervals, testing programming, remedial workover programming for under-performing wells, assessment of optimal well spacing, abandonment liabilities and project economics.


Fekete Engineering Software & Services - reservoir

A sample of past projects include waterflood design and optimization, EOR optimization, oil material balance, infill drilling and pool depletion strategies, low permeability gas deliverability studies, gas cap blowdown studies, gas storage, water disposal and acid gas disposal.