By: Ewash  09-12-2011
Keywords: vehicle, Clear Coat, TUNNEL SYSTEMS

As in all tunnel systems the heart of the system is the conveyor, which pulls or pushes the vehicle through the wash equipment. Wash volumes are typically 65-125 cars per hour, and conveyor lengths vary to suit the desired through-put. does not have set packages, but offers individual components that are grouped to suit the building size, required vehicle through-put and climatic conditions.

Touchless washing is more for the hands on operator, as it combines the correct solution concentration, water temperatures, water softness, and dwell time to make the process work at its optimum. During the process the vehicle needs to be completely covered with one or two presoak solutions, as the vehicle travels along the conveyor dwell time of the hot presoak in contact with the vehicle surface results in the particles of dirt and oils being held in a suspension. The next part of the process of Touchless Tunnel Wash is to flush off the suspended dirt with a targeted stream of high pressure/volume water, either reclaimed water or fresh water.

During the finishing stages of the Touchless tunnel process the vehicle may receive a Tri-color wax application, Clear Coat Paint Protectant, and a final rinse of Spot free RO water. Most times the vehicle would then be dried with a series of blowers.

Keywords: Clear Coat, TUNNEL SYSTEMS, vehicle,

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Self-Serve Automatic

A Self-Serve is a facility that allows the customer to clean their vehicle themselves, hence the quality of clean the customer gets is directly related to how much time they invest into the process at your location. Vacuums have been added into each bay for added convenince for the customer, and the vacuum of choice is a wet/dry vacuum that can be used with attachments for carpet shapooing.


In Bay Automatic

Systems can be easily incorporated in many existing buildings where the vehicle will remain stationary and the wash moves over the vehicle surfaces, controlling costs and quality. In Bay Automatics serve many markets; Investor, Oil Company, Car Dealerships, and Fleet accounts.


Tunnel Wash

Soft cloth Tunnel systems use a combination of water, soap, and gentle cloth moving at different angles to loosen and flush dirt and hydrocarbon from all vehicle surfaces. The Hybrid Tunnel system offers the enhanced cleaning through use of both Touchless and Soft Cloth technologies to provide unsurpassed wash quality. Touchless Tunnels use hot pre-soak solutions to lift dirt and hydrocarbons from the vehicle surface.