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By: Ewash  09-12-2011
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eWash uses stainless steel pump frames for durability & longevity, no painted steel here!

Tri-Color Foam Brush application, customers love its appeal, you’ll love the added income.

Tri-Foam Wax adds not only a high shine, but customers love watching the colors mix as they cover the vehicle in thick rich colourful foam. All this earns added income for you the car wash owner.

Hand Held Dryers, also controlled via the coin box provide the customer a way the take the experience to the next level by allowing the drying of the vehicle, in the wash bay. The powerful two motor system quickly and efficiently dries the vehicle.

Pre-wired Motor Control Center with door interlocked safety disconnect switch

A Self-Serve is a facility that allows the customer to clean their vehicle themselves, hence the quality of clean the customer gets is directly related to how much time (and money) they invest into the process at your location. 

The Self-Serve, or Coin-op as referred to in some parts of the world, used to be a basic system. Today’s Self-Serve is been renamed Self-serve Automatic, because of the wealth of options available for the owner and the customer. These enhancements provide an enjoyable wash experience for the customer while allowing the owner to market and control costs.

From pump to tip, we handle only the best carwash parts in the industry. Knowledgeable staff here to serve you in acquiring the right part for the right job.

Options used to be limited to; High pressure Soap, High Pressure Wax, Foam Brush, and High Pressure Rinse. However today’s systems provide customers many options such as; Presoak, Tire/Wheel Cleaner, Engine Degreaser, Bug Remover, High Pressure Soap, Foam Brush – Single or three color, High Pressure Rinse, High Pressure Wax, Foam Wax – single or three color, Clear Coat Protectant, Spot Free Rinse, Blowers (to Dryer vehicle), Vacuums, Carpet Shampooer, and Fragrance.

Vacuums have been added into each bay for added convenince for the customer, and the vacuum of choice is a wet/dry vacuum that can be used with attachments for carpet shapooing. The Vacuum is controlled by the coinbox and statistics clearly show that customers are more likely to use the vacuum at the time of washing vs and outside vacuum, especially in colder climates.

Self-Serve Automatic bays, used to be limited to either drive through bays with the front and exit end of the bay opened, or drive in and back-out, which has three solid walls.

More and more, the choice of many operators is to build a “Barn Style Self-Serve”. This style incorporates a single large facility that has a door for entry and exit. Wash is done in bays separated by vinyl wash curtains. In a Barn Style there are two methods of operation, Pay-by-Time and Pay-In-Bay.

Pay-by-Time uses a system that dispenses a ticket as the vehicle enters the wash facility, and the customer is charged for the amount of time they are in the building. Pay-In-Bay systems have a coin box in each Bay and the customer will use Cash, Credit Card, or Fleet Card to pay for the time. Many customers prefer this style of bay as it is out of the cold winter weather, and out of the hot summer weather. In a Barn Style wash, the facility will have a control system that determines if all stalls are full, and as a vehicle leaves, another vehicle is allowed to enter.

Self-Serve equipment offered by eWash is either a standard pump bench model or a space saver model for use where space is limited. The standard is built to offer easy of service and use while the stacked pump design on the Spacesaver requires a bit more time to service. Both Systems are constructed from stainless steel and both systems offer the Pre-plumed and Pre-wired convenience, to minimize on-site installation.



systems feature Arimitsu pumps – “

the number one pump in Japan

” standard.

In addition, Leeson high efficiency motors, coupled with a cogged belt offer unsurpassed efficiency over a standard v-belt. A v-belt is 67% efficient vs. cogged belt at 99%.

Another eWash standard is high quality Siemens Motor Starters and overloads, with short circuit protection, removing the need for fuses. Each self-serve bay has its own control transformer and a circuit breaker to protect the system. All electrical is ETL approved, and high voltage panels has a safety disconnect interlocked to the panel door to ensure the power is off prior to someone opening the panel door to service the system.

Paying in the bay is not limited to coin or tokens, with the ezBAY the customer can use credit cards, cleared in only seconds via secure internet, or Fleet cards. With the additional WALS (Web Access Loyalty System) Loyalty systems can be established similar to reward points. In a competitive Marketplace, customer loyalty is the key to retaining and growing your customer base. It’s been proven club members use the wash frequently and spend more when they’re at the car wash. WALS is a customer relationship management system which is used to capture customer data and create a centralized database of your customers.

This easy-to-use system enables you to understand the 3 W’s:

  • Who is using the wash?
  • When is the wash being used by your customers?
  • What wash packages have they selected?

WALS Offers You More Flexibility in Your Wash Marketing

Pre-paid programs - Increase revenues and cash flow by “looking in” your customers’ loyalty with advance payment

  • Replenishments - refill card online or at the entry station
  • Gift cards - hot trend!
  • Loyalty programs - perfect way to keep customers coming back
  • Online - buy wash packages or funds through the Club Interface module
  • Vending Machine - interface to coin operated equipment like dog washers, and vacuum cleaners
  • Post-pay programs - Use WALS to manage your fleet business more efficiently, build special promotions and track monthly invoicing
  • Current Specials - Allow multiple purchases at entry station
  • Magnetic Strip/Plastic Cards - Increase your brand awareness by creating custom wash cards for your loyalty and gift card programs.
  • Club Codes (Card-less Program) - Sell and track wash time or wash packages to customers via a wash code. Customers are given a wash code to enter into eAccess entry units.
  • Wallet Cards - Printable wallet cards are also available. Wallet cards can help customers remember their unique wash code.

A customer-friendly portal has been developed that allows your customers to purchase washes online for themselves or as gifts for family and friends. The Club interface can link seamlessly to your existing website or act as your company’s stand-alone website. It can be customized to include your company’s specific branding and logo.

The Club interface is easy to maintain and update. The administrative section allows you to modify and customize the page.
The Club interface allows you to sell washes 24/7 - without adding staff or sales people!

The WALS is a system that can be integrated with all offering you may have, In-bay Automatics, Tunnel wash, Truck Wash, and Lube shops. However, it doesn’t stop there; multiple wash sites can be run under the WALS system, so your customers can visit your other wash locations.

Keywords: Clear Coat, vehicle

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Touchless washing is more for the hands on operator, as it combines the correct solution concentration, water temperatures, water softness, and dwell time to make the process work at its optimum. The next part of the process of Touchless Tunnel Wash is to flush off the suspended dirt with a targeted stream of high pressure/volume water, either reclaimed water or fresh water.


In Bay Automatic

Systems can be easily incorporated in many existing buildings where the vehicle will remain stationary and the wash moves over the vehicle surfaces, controlling costs and quality. In Bay Automatics serve many markets; Investor, Oil Company, Car Dealerships, and Fleet accounts.


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Soft cloth Tunnel systems use a combination of water, soap, and gentle cloth moving at different angles to loosen and flush dirt and hydrocarbon from all vehicle surfaces. The Hybrid Tunnel system offers the enhanced cleaning through use of both Touchless and Soft Cloth technologies to provide unsurpassed wash quality. Touchless Tunnels use hot pre-soak solutions to lift dirt and hydrocarbons from the vehicle surface.