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By: Evs  09-12-2011
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EVS offers 3 different professional audio calibration packages. Level I, Level II & Level III. These calibration packages are designed to get the best audio out of your home theater system. The ultimate goal of any calibration service is to get clear dialog, precise sound localization, spacious surround sound, smooth sound development & even tonal balance. By calibrating a home theater system we are able to turn every seat into a great seat! We have a THX Certified Professional on staff to conduct the tests to ensure your home theater can deliver the movie experience the director intended!

The audio calibration process uses highly sensitive equipment to measure the acoustic environment & home theater performance. These tests can be used to setup the home theater amplifier as well make adjustments to speaker & sub woofer placements. The dimensions of the room play a huge role in how your audio system sounds. By making small adjustments we can improve how your home theater system sounds.

Although some amplifiers have built in automatic tuning features, this method has been proven over years of testing that they do not make things better, just different. The microphones that come with these amplifiers do not have the quality or capability to properly measure the room acoustics.

EVS has a staff member with the following certifications

Jeff Wolstenholme, THX Certified Professional

The Audio Calibration - Level I package is a great value for those who may not be completely comfortable with setting up their own system. We will explain some of the theories in a simple to understand language and show you the benefits of taking the time and effort to improving your home theater system. We have a set of checklists that we go through to record key information.

Speaker Verification/Hook Up - This process confirms the speakers are hooked up correctly and are working.

Speaker Phase Test - Test to ensure the wiring is connected properly. This differs from the verification process, if the speaker wires are not connected properly you will have poor audio performance from speakers.

Base Level Measurements - Use familiar audio material to get a idea of how the equipment sounds. Use test sounds and record various information on a checklist.

Speaker Position & Aiming - After becoming familiar with the audio environment, we make small adjustments to help improve audio performance. Every speaker has a different dispersion field (the area which the speaker can project sound towards) and by focusing the audio that the speaker generates will help create clear, sharp, accurate sounds.

Verification Level Measurements - Use familiar audio material to verify audio performance has been improved.

The Audio Calibration - Level II package is for those that are looking not only to have their audio equipment hooked up properly but are looking for an extra level of audio clarity from their home theater systems. The Level II package includes Speaker Verification/Hook Up, Speaker Phase Test, Base Level Measurements, Speaker Position & Aiming, Verification, Level Measurements and includes the following extra steps ensure your audio equipment is performing as it should by the manufactures specifications.

Speaker Measurement - This ensures the speakers are matched properly to the system. if the speakers are not designed for the system, we will advise of compatible speakers that would be a better choice. Having incorrect speakers can damage your audio equipment.

Speaker Level Balancing - Ensures the speakers are acoustically matched so one is not over powering the speakers in the system.

Speaker Delay Setup - Adjust the timing sound takes to get to the seats in order to ensure the sound arrives at the correct time.

The Audio Calibration - Level III package is for those that want the most out of their home theater equipment. This process can take up to an entire day, the end result being an accurate home theater experience delivering crystal clear sounds. The goal of this setup is to duplicate the movie experience as the director intended! Watching a movie will feel like you're right in the action, the audio from the speakers will add to the experience and not be a distraction. The Professional Setup includes, Speaker Verification/Hook Up, Speaker Phase Test, Base Level Measurements, Speaker Positions & Aiming, Verifications Level Measurements, Speaker Measurements, Speaker Balancing, Speaker Delay Setup and includes several additional steps to get the best possible audio from the home theater system.

Amplifier Measurement - Ensures the speaker outputs of the amplifier are performing at the proper levels. Speaker outputs not performing at their designated levels could be a sign there may be a problem within the amplifier and it may need servicing.

Sub woofer Phase Test - Ensures the sub woofer has been wired and setup correctly.

Sub woofer Position & Aiming - By moving the sub woofer even 6 inches in one direction can have a huge impact on the audio performance of a system. By making sure the sub woofer is placed correctly can make a huge difference to the audio performance of the system.

Bass/room Modal Testing - Test for 'audio dips' in the room and if possible move seats that may be in a area of poor audio performance. By doing this we can get the full audio spectrum at each seat.

Computer Aided Acoustic Modeling Software - This is a vital step in determining how the room effects the acoustic performance of the audio equipment. By Building a 3D model of the room & placing the audio equipment in the room with their acoustic characteristics we can see how the sound behaves in the room and adjust for any negative side effects produced from the room itself.

Speaker Rub - This step reduces any rattles in the room by having the audio equipment produce different sounds. The end result is a distraction free environment.

EQ System - This is the final step to fine tune the acoustics of the equipment to compensate for room design or equipment placement.

* While EVS does not build a THX certified theater, we offer this engagement through THX Ltd.  The service includes an introduction to the group of engineers responsible for building a full, THX certified theatre should a discerning client like one.  The engagement is long and complex, so we request that any client looking for a THX certified theater be prepared to engage in this consultation prior to construction of their home.  There is significant details that need to addressed as part of the construction.

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