By: Essentials Day Spa  02-03-2011
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Treat your hard-working feet at Essentials Day Spa - they take alot of abuse and are often ignored, but say alot about you when they're visible! At Essentials Day Spa, our Pedicare includes an exfoliating soak, cuticle care and nail prep, polish (with no formaldahyde or tolulene), an instant-set, super-shiny, long-lasting UV-cured top coat and a moisturizing massage.  You can also choose our Pedi-ssage Package which includes some decadent extras and ultimate pampering!  The personalized care at Essentials Day Spa had us nominated for the Service Excellence Award, so visit our website for more information and don't forget to check out our Deals page.  And NOW AVAILABLE! - Choose to add our BABY-FEET Callous Peel service to your Pedicare - for severely calloused feet, this treatment is actually miraculous!

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