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By: Epic Consulting Services  09-12-2011
Keywords: Reservoir Engineering

This course provides training in advanced principles of reservoir characterization. With this information, you will gain the knowledge to facilitate improved reservoir simulations leading to optimized depletion schemes for the recovery of hydrocarbon reserves.

This course is designed for practicing reservoir and exploitation engineers and geoscientists who wish to gain a better understanding of how to optimize their waterfloods with streamline modeling based tools. Participants should have with exposure to fundamentals of fluid flow and rock properties. The course is appropriate for all experience levels.

This course is designed for practicing engineers and geoscientists wishing to gain a better understanding of how earth science and engineering methods can be integrated to make better predictions of reservoir performance. Participants should have experience in reservoir engineering or geosciences, with exposure to fundamentals of fluid and rock properties and ideally, some experience with applied reservoir simulation.

In Canada and many parts of the world, because of public production data bases we often have a large amount of production data that can be easily and effectively analyzed to define remaining reserves as well as the upside potential. However, in order to analyze the data and yield a useful interpretation we must tie the data to operational and reservoir mechanisms. Often without filtering the data, the high noise to signal ratios will either lead to un-analyzable data or an incorrect interpretation. This course uses surveillance techniques and allows us to:

a) Identify drive mechanism

b) Identify well anomalies and poor performance

c) Identify up side potential in reservoirs

Both oil & gas examples are discussed, with emphasis on reservoir mechanisms and waterflood / gas surveillence

The primary objectives and limitations of material balance calculations are discussed. Practical application of material balance theory and discussion of relevant parameters are illustrated through examples and the use of Epic's ResBalance software.

Keywords: Reservoir Engineering

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