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By: Environmental & Power Technologies  09-12-2011

Millions of dollars and thousands of downtime hours are wasted each year by power plants, military and industrial users on unnecessary and ill-advised phosphate-ester fluid maintenance. Users have become accustomed to regular fluid replacement, flushing, and expensive remediation of phosphate-ester hydraulic and lubrication systems.

At EPT, we believe it is time to rethink Phosphate Ester (PE) fluid maintenance and demonstrate that PE fluids are not a consumable. Specific PE fluid brand names include, but are not limited to, Shell Durad and ICL/Supresta Fyrquel.  We offer technologies that remove 100% of contaminants and restore fluid systems to peak performance, including the resistivity requirements. Costly flushes, unplanned downtime and equipment failure can all be avoided when your PE fluid, such as Fyrquel EHC or 220, is properly maintained.

EPT technologies provide complete, like-new restoration of PE/Fyrquel/Durad EHC fluid without the expense of downtime, flushing, or oil change.  Whether the problem is blackened fluid, dissolved metals, gel, varnish, acid, moisture, or resistivity, EPT technologies restore fluid to "like new" conditions.

In most cases, no downtime is required and EHC systems are completely restored while in normal operation without disturbing plant operations.  EPT EHC system restoration is the most efficient solution to solve PE/Fyrquel/Durad EHC system issues.

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