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By: Ecommstats Web Analytics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Advertising, search engine

ecommStats is the ultimate in web analytics.

ecommStats, the ultimate real-time web statistics logger and analyzer, gives you the tools you need for assessing your advertising effectiveness. With ecommStats, you can monitor your visitor traffic by identifying the origin site of your visitors and their spending patterns. By accessing and analyzing this invaluable data, you know if you're getting a good return on your advertising dollar.

You get the data you need in a useful, user-friendly format that lets you make intelligent and timely decisions about optimizing your site and changing your advertising campaigns to maximize their effectiveness.

If you want real information with real value, ecommStats delivers the service at prices that our competitors can't meet.


ecommStats optimizes your online marketing efforts and increases your return on investment.

  • Determine where visitors are coming from and if they are buying
  • See ROI for your spending on search engine advertising
  • Determine what keywords visitors are using to find your site and optimize your site to reflect those results
  • Invaluable for search engine optimization
  • Know what pages and products people are viewing
  • Get in depth knowledge of traffic patterns through your site
  • No extra software or hardware needed
  • Analyze how your visitors navigate through your site and improve weak points
  • Best value in website statistics tracking


    • Track search engine keywords and revenue associated with keywords
    • Revenue per visitor lets you see Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Track visitors coming from advertising campaigns
    • ROI on campaigns
    • See true ROI even if directed from advertising partner pages
    • See which keywords and phrases used for search as well as the referrer
  • Track unique visitors and pageviews
    • By referrer
    • By search engine
    • By search engine keyword and phrases
  • Track user agents, platforms, and other important system information so you know who your users are
    • See which pages people are viewing
    • Page Counts
    • Entry Pages
    • Exit Pages
    • Bounce Pages show which pages are turning people away before they go deeper into your site
    • Supports dynamic pages to allow you to track pages that are differentiated by a dynamic identity parameter
      • See how your visitors are traversing through your site in real-time!
      • See your site through the customers' eyes and find weak spots in your site design
      • A birds eye view of your visitors and how they travel from page to page
    • See when your site is most active with reporting and analysis on time trends including Time of Day and Day of Week reports
  • Conversion Rates
    • Track conversions on anything such as signing up for a newsletter, requesting a catalog, or signing up for a trial. You can then view reports to see where these users came from to make sure your dollars are going to good use.
  • Exclude (Block) IP Addresses
    • Block your own IP and your employees so they don't get added to your stats and it will not count towards your pageviews
  • SSL Compatible - works with SSL enabled sites transparently, no need to change anything when switching from http to https and back.
  • Supports third party shopping carts across multiple domains
    • New server side components and SOAP based web service system available.
  • Developer API can be used to integrate your ecommStats data directly into other software applications
  • RSS news feeds so you can use a news reader to be informed on how your site is doing
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed

Keywords: Advertising, search engine

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