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By: Eastern Medical Ctr  09-12-2011
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The most exciting discovery in medicine is the mind and body connection. It is the realization that your long buried emotions can manifest into health ailments. Now, in most western practices the doctor merely hears your symptoms and prescribes you a drug. It’s rare that western doctors today will take the time to feel your pulse, checks your eyes, etc.

Instead, they use instruments or latex gloves to touch you, and only listen to you’re perceived physical symptoms. The western aspect of healing is very sterile and clinical as well as open to many flaws and mistakes. Also, the reason why a patient keeps on having to go back instead of wanting to go back is because of that distant coldness.

Without touching you there is a slim chance the doctors can know what is wrong with you, since their basing their educated guesses on mere probability, so there is even a slimmer chance of healing you quickly. Granted, by the time it gets bad enough, they do have effective measures to treat the condition. However, when they finally decide to test your blood and check your scans you’re probably at a stage worse off than you were before.

What a pain right? Not all western practices are bad since there have been great advancements in the recent past, however, the early diagnosing phase may need a bit of help. However, ailments that are induce by toxic chemical that the body has no chance of fighting because our DNA isn't equipped to fight it yet, on the other hand, may require the assistance of a western scientist.  All other ailments that seem to come out of nowhere are most likely emotionally connected, thus need an all over mind and body approach.

Another almost futile practice in western medicine is the need to make up labels for everything. Doesn't it seem like everyone has chronic fatigue syndrome? Well, maybe it’s because they keep on having to come back without a cure! It does get tiring.

In eastern medicine there are no labels, your biggest ailment is imbalance and it is imbalance that causes these symptoms or syndromes. The only way to find your imbalances is to touch you, and listen to your body, versus playing the game of probability. The only way to pinpoint the root cause is talk to you about your feelings and your life. What you experienced in life and how you think is what causes your cells to go haywire, and in some circumstances, possibly mutate into what western doctors refer to as say cancer.

For instance, breast cancer, the most common cancer taking lives for women everywhere is due to the inability to release past hurt and anger from the heart. When you bathe in water that contains bits of toxic chemicals or eat food sprayed with pesticides, these foreign chemicals attack your body. Instead of having a healthy body to fight it and toss it out as trash, under emotional duress or bad coping skills your body instead attacks itself. By helping you release these past traumatic burdens, and programmed way of thoughts, you can stop cell mutation.

This is a far better method of prevention then say cutting out the cancerous cells or blasting it with radiation right? If caught early enough acupuncture can ease body into a natural state of healing. Once you decide you want to take this approach of mind and body healing Dr. Shen can help you back on the right track.

Keywords: healing

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