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By: E5 Group  09-12-2011

Applications Support

Our Application Support Services range from discussion of possible product applications, to answering detailed questions on product specifications, to generically illustrating how to construct around our products for ideal equipment performance.

Our professional applications support staff offers skills and experience unmatched by any competitor. We have the technical expertise to support all E5 Group products and solutions. If we don't have the answer locally, we have a worldwide network of experts to find a solution for your toughest application.

E5's Applications Support includes:

  • Serving all regional engineers by providing in-depth technical knowledge relating to our products in pre-sales and post-sales roles
  • Providing Pre-sales support to ensure that the product will work for what you require
  • Reviewing the application and collecting all technical data necessary to size and select components
  • Assisting in resolving design issues and optimizing designs for greater success
  • Assisting in defining specifications, schedule and commissioning requirements
  • Preparing cost analysis based on application parameters
  • Preparing detailed quotation including material list, pricing, payment terms, delivery and warranty information
  • Providing Post-Sales support to assist with integration of the product into the design/working scenario or to help you out of a problematic situation with the product

E5 is structured to provide clients with Applications Support Services that are exclusive to our products and solutions. Given the variety of unique situations and project requirements, we have provided only a general outline of how we can help you. Alternative solutions are available to meet your needs.

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