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By: Dynetek  09-12-2011
Keywords: Storage, Natural Gas, Industrial Gas

Dynetek is a leader in developing, producing and marketing lightweight CNG and compressed hydrogen cylinders and complete systems. Our natural gas and hydrogen storage products are sold worldwide to major automotive, commercial and transit manufacturers.

Dynetek is also a leader in the industrial gas and energy sectors in the bulk transport and storage of compressed gases.

Dynetek customers demand turn-key complete system solutions. That is why Dynetek designs and manufactures complete fuel systems. Through our team of talented engineers, we offer the lightest and most advanced fuel systems in the world.

The core technology of Dynetek fuel systems is the DyneCell® cylinder which is one of the fastest filling cylinder on the market. The DyneCell lightweight composite cylinder is built from a seamless 'thin wall' aluminum liner with a full carbon fibre overwrap. This ultra-lightweight liner technology guarantees higher storage capacity making the DyneCell technology the clear winner in the race to reduce overall storage weight.

Keywords: Bulk Transport, Compressed Hydrogen Cylinders, Core Technology, fuel systems, Industrial Gas, Natural Gas, Storage, Thin Wall Aluminum Liner,