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By: Dreams Unlimited  09-12-2011

What do I really want? I use the solutions found here as building blocks for my foundation

Before I ever take a step its best to know where I would like to end up. Even if it is just a picture in my head, a thought or feeling I would like to experience. Once I get my bases of food, water and shelter covered, I am faced with the question "what is the point anyway?" Discovering one's purpose in this life can sometimes be the longest waiting journey of a lifetime. Waiting to arrive, always looking around the next corner, when in truth everythign I need I already have. I imagine even moving past some of the basic core needs of humanity like feeling safe, secure, loved or accepted. In discovering these truths within myself I am able to move through to the next level naturally. As long as I am dependent on something outside of myself for these needs I will always be chasing a goose with the golden egg. How I go about creating my experience or reality is completely up to me and from my perspective the ways I can achieve these desires can vary, all based on individual taste and personal interest. Behind desires for fame, power, lust, greed or even vanity..what do I really want?? Instead of looking outside, I choose to go in and look at the core of what needs I may be trying to fulfill with my ego. When I have this..then; is a conversation I have had with many times and always leads me to question what is it I am really trying to gain?

After fullfilling my essentials, I've found that most of the things I desire, work in or may consider being part of..could potentially be covered in one of five different areas. Home/Family, Work/Career, Health/Fitness, Interest/Hobby and Travel/Adventure. Each area having a different level of experience starting with basic survival then working outward. This is what you take with you. This is who you are and from here we can begin to interact with others, and begin to create our masterpiece.

I am sure that if you just took a whack at it you could easily find several things you want in all the areas. In traditional goal setting we look at the particulars of these things we want. Mostly outside of ourselves, new car, loose weight, get girlfriend, new job or career and so on. Many and all of which are all still good landmarks but maybe impossible to obtain outside of this moment. Instead set out in time as determined places of interest. We set the picture and work the steps backwards as we think we might achieve them. Who knows when no action can determine a direct response. Always unpredictable this universe is. No outcome is certain and we can easily get caught up on trying to find the quickest route towards these things we see. How do we obtain them, what are the steps I can take, well I can follow others that have obtained them and adapt what they do. I could study and research and find all the best ways to get me where I want to go. Or I could look at what I first really want to do...Take the picture out and think about a process that you would enjoy first. That is what we aim to do here. Start at the other side of the equation and work from the values that you already have in place. What do you really want anyway? What is the experience you seek? How bad do you want it, nothing comes for free and everything you want has a price on it.

Following Traditional goal setting when i would work with a client would choose some items and add 3 action steps for each. We could also add 3 to each of those as there will always be details to handle. Rather then choosing say weight loss or new car, which you could break into 3 action steps, say for the weight loss essentially is exercise more then you consume. It is a tricky equation and essentially science states you have to burn it off or release it. Everything is energy. we need to move it. exercise options can range but for this goal there have been great results from stregth work, cardio work and even flexibility. THese three elements alone added to an aware consumtion of food ( You need to eat to be able to do the work, it is a vicous cycle but it is the only way. It is what you are left with at the end of each day. even the 3 steps we choose, like food or cardio or strength would each take another break down to assist in the steps or life adaptations necessary to apply them. IE join a gym, class, leave kids with someone, arrange dinner etc. We would base it all on SMART planning and FITT principles to acquire the results you want, but in the end it was always just energy movement.

Instead of looking at losing weight as the goal, choose experiences in your lifestyle that would reflect weight loss. Throw out the scale, and stop agonizing in the mirror. Get busy doing something let the results happen naturally and next thing you know you'll catch yourself on a scale somewhere or see yourself in a mirror and become conscious of what a difference time can make. Baby steps, one at a time .then the weight loss is a benefit of what you are doing, it is an enevitable result from the actions you do. If you are soley going to the gym out of angst for your situation and have to push yourself to go, there is a less of a chance to adapt it. Choose activities that when you go to do them you don't even think of it as an option, when you are passionate about it, and it is part of your expression you will more likely adapt it. True many times, I think aaah, again, and sometimes have to push a little to get there, but once I do it is always worth it. The experience becomes the motivation. It fuels itself in an eternal circle. Knowing that true mastery of anything takes years and years and practice till it is part of you and without commitment you will never experience the true art. Yet to find the experience that tickles you, is what you love to do and will take you where you want to go, you can take your eyes off the details and just let it flow.

Set a Date, break down the steps, lower your head and get at it.."Get at what?" First look at the future vision again but instead of the particulars first take a step back and start with the experience. What is the essence behind what you see for yourself. The big question is why do we want these things. What is it about having them that would change our experience as we know it today. The potential danger here is when we might desire these items to fulfill a destiny, rather then letting it unfold on its own.

When we come from the inside out we can still have all of these things, if it's family I truly want, it will simply appear as a reflection of the love I desire to express and manifest. In knowing who we are first, we naturally create an environment and reflection of who we are and what we want to express versus what we need or wish others would believe. Anything you want you can have in time with the necessary action and beliefs in place to aid you in actually receiving it. Truth is, no matter how you look at it, the results you have right now are the accumulation of everything you have ever done or been. It is a reflection of everything up to this point, in going to the core to let it shine through, the rest is up to you..

Active participation is vital to the basic cost of living. Action is the key, the energy released, creates opportunity. Without action nothing will happen. Even if it is just reaching out your hand to accept what is being given to us. Once we can accept that we need to move and create energy to stimulate the life within us. When cover our bases we can begin to create a higher level experience from our everyday process. Rather then getting hung up on diets, exercise and workout regimes, create a life of variety and fill it full of the many flavors that you enjoy .

Define it

After you have selected a few primary desires or chosen a few of your own outside of the list provided, it is now important to add a little more personal depth on what that can look like by writing a small paragraph about how that experience would feel for you. An example of a few value based statements could be..

"I love (appreciate) or feel it is important to make a difference. I want to share and assist others to live their life. To give them the freedom to do their own thing, if I know I did something to aid, I can step back and let them figure it out at whatever pace they choose.

"I love (appreciate) or feel it is important to pull my weight. I love knowing at the end of the day I gave a little more then I receive. I let others do their own thing. I am ok with anyone living their life however they choose, but when it messes with others, then I start to have a problem with it, especially when it messes with me. I tend to remove it from my environment versus flowing through it. I would love to know that I could make a difference of some sort and yet still focus on my own life first, open my heart and create a beautful place for others to come"

Now with your values in hand, you can begin to envision again. This time you may see how your initial pictures can easily fit in. Or maybe they don't even fit anymore. Choice is always yours in the end and for whatever you choose it now becomes how you might obtain it in physical form. First you need that vision..what would look like? What would it feel like? What would the experience be? Don't jump to far ahead and be like. a boat. start more with the experience. the foundation that would have to be in place, so that a boat just fits in. Think big..you have created a foundation of value to work from and you can now choose from a variety of activities to fulfill your desired outcome.

In this process, there is a vital step to be made before you ever actually do anything. Ask yourself.. "Am I ready to receive it?" Do I even believe that it is possible. Without this in place you'll crash before you get to the door. Take one more final breathe, and know. you are good enough, you are smart enough, you are totally able.. lol Anything is possible, yet also every step to get there is unknown and nothing is truly predictable unless you desire it to be so.

Live it

The actual most important part of the equation. It is the vital link to manifestation and if you remove it from any formula, the equation will not work. That vital component of achieving anything you want is action. Even "go" of "go-al" infers action or participation. Not in the planning but in the doing. We believe that action is in the living.. Express yourself through your lifestyle and find pleasurable activities to fullfill your life requirements maybe even move it to a tickle. Everything in this area has movement required. So many details to handle but the bottom line is in just doing something, to keep your fire burning. the experiences you wrote about require action to bring to manifestation. They want to be expressed and there are many medians to do it with.

So many options, almost too many to list here. We have created a few different topics to hopefully narrow the field down a little as you go. Although there are many aspects to each life area these activities are designed towards function and maintanence of the physical body and general health., and the science behind it. The other areas are up to you for now. Once you have chosen a few activities possibilities for each of your primary values of experience you enjoy and in turn would provide the results you are looking for..we can create a game plan but most importantly, apply it. Just do something, get involved, make it happen, stir the energy and start creating the life you see. From there, with patience instilled..truth, action and consequence will be determined by the steps you make along the way. Focus on the present experience, find activities you love that are in line with what you want and surround yourself with an environment that supports you in this day. Keeping your head up as you go, and making sure to smell the flowers along the way.

The essentials of those equations are covered in the value based system. The fundamentals of work/rest ratios keeps us safe and a basic understanding of my body and "HEAR"ing what it says to help me guide my way. Find activities, get involved, get instruction, get moving. I don't care what your plans are I care about what you do when the cards are down. Create a lifestyle based on finding the things you love and comprimising to stay on track for where you want to end up and let the the magic happen.

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