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By: Dreams Unlimited  09-12-2011

The Final Stage

To create an experience that defines me..and in turn reflects the results I would like to see in my life. I need to take my eye off of the finish and focus on what I will be doing to get there. The finish will come naturally with time, effort and energy. I am more concerned about the method I am using to get there or "What am I racing for? Why am I involved? Life is what is going on in this moment, Think or do, it's up to you, but hard to do both together. Participation in each individual step I make is what will get me there. I Still keeping a vision in mind I choose to focus on the process I will be doing instead of where I'll be going. Choose activities that are in line to get me where I would want to head and adapt as I go. Life is now and in the moments I create for myself each and every gift of a day.

Once a degree of personal ownership has been created and I am commited to handling my own essentials. one is standing on a foundation of conscious choice and with ownership over my action, I can take it to the core and create what truly stimulates me in three easy steps.

Feel it

Before choosing activity preferences it is always a good idea to go a little deeper into what truly motivates you. We all share a desire to fulfill some form of pleasure in our lives. the regular militant routines wear thin and require more discipline then finding time to do somethng that truly stimulates you. Depending on what beliefs we may have in place our objectives may all be different. Many paths can lead you to the same results, you can work in specifically designed regimes to maximise your efforts for a sport specific outcome, but for general health purposes we always recommend to look at the actual process and choose something that tickles you. We also believe in purposelful action - rather then just accepting exercise and doing it mindlessly, we always promote to have a purpose in mind. Whether it is to compete in something, challenge your own-self or to simply just to enjoy the Ryde.

The influences listed below on this page are just a few examples from what you may choose as having value to you. In becoming clear about what is important, it will naturally assist your drive when they are in line.. The plan is removed from the equation. Instead of visioning the picture first and then breaking it down backwards and taking it one step at a time, we feel it is best to work from the inside out and let the vision manifest from what you create. Even in once being clear about the truth behind what you do, you will be in a better position to vision a future that is clean and clear. After all no outcomes are certain. You can work the science and create remarkable results but in the end no new experiences will be created from what we already know. It is in the days ahead that will ultimately determine where you will end up.

It is vital to have a vision in mind of where you want to go the journey itself will always outweigh the outcome in your mind. In the end, my life is not at the finish. It is in the experience and how I get to feel. Take the blinders off, look up, stand up, enjoy the Ryde and smell the flowers on the way. Rest assured knowing that every step you make brings you closer to where you want to go and always keep in mind that if you want to win the Tour de France, you best love, to ride a bike.

You can use this list to assist you with some ideas and we suggest you write down as many that may apply. It is only there as an example though and we highly recommend to make up your own. Then you can refine your list by your highest priority and slim the list down to only a handful. The lower number of statements you can get it to is most likely on track to begin defining what truly drives you from the core.. Once we get past our own basic needs and have them fulfilled on their own, we can begin to look at what is really going on and eliminate all of the stories behind it. To create an abundance of joyful experiences, all of your efforts contributing directly towards creating the overall grand vision for this life.

Define it..

Next is the plan of action. Define how we can live out the experience we seek. How can we align our lives to be in synch with what we want and to just let it happen naturally? Incorporate in technique..maximizing your efforts to produce the easiest and most effective way to achieve your outcomes. Implant a vision of a future. It can start as simple as you like at first and you can fill it in along the way.

Live it.

Enough said..go do it. The truth lies here not in the analysis. Action plays the biggest part of the equation.What are you creating for yourself anyway? True, the first step towards progress can begin in a single thought or belief, but no matter how much you think about it, until you take a step you won't get anywhere. The thought along with action is the first step, and unless it is congruent to what you want to create it will only stand in your way. If you step with an unknown presence you may manifest the exact opposite of what you really want. Empower yourself with action into your life and create the experience you seek everyday.


Ryde - Purpose and Passion filled Action thru a Self-Expressed Harmonious Medium of Choice. A Spiritual Connection in this Moment and a Personal Extension of the Experiences I desire in this life.

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